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 9/12/2023  Kat  Ty- I thought the major anniversary years would always be the hardest. Itís the smaller moments that always creep up unexpectedly that seem to get me though. This year was a very different year because it was the first time we talked to the girls about 9/11. I wasnít ready, but when Vivi took / lost / we still arenít sure what she did with it Ö your bracelet I had to explain why it was not replaceable, even if she really really wanted to save her allowance to get me a new one. Iíve carried that gift with me for all these years because everything else was just frankly too unbearable to keep. I decided to be very honest with them and explain who you were and why I had this heart in the jewelry box. They had many many many question and they also asked if they could go see the memorial when they finally get to go to New York one day. Iím definitely not ready for that either, but seeing you through their eyes is somehow different. Talking to them about you was special and surprisingly happy as they asked questions about Columbia and college. It was heart breaking to explain the circumstances of your passing. They had more questions yesterday and they they were understandably very concerned. They wanted to know if it would happen again. We tried to focus on all the heroes and acts of heroism Ö the best part of humanity that showed up that day and many days since. I told them thatís why we have to give extra hugs and tell each other how much we love each other when we are together now. Thatís the blessing I hope they keepÖ no regrets. They also seemed a little more settled but the idea of a special guardian Angel on their team heaven line up. Brightest star in the sky. Xoxo kat
 9/11/2023  A RHS '97 Classmate  Always remembered.
 9/11/2023  Heather  Tyís kindness and spirit is never forgotten. Iím forever grateful and I try to my best to emulate in his honor. Much love!
 9/11/2023  Jason Davis  Miss you buddy. Sending my love to your entire family.
 9/11/2023  Jen Danyliw  I miss you Ty.
 3/21/2023  Jim Still  Thank you for pointing me to this site, Victor - it is moving and terrific.
 9/11/2022  Hathawa Rabette  Today and everyday you are loved and missed!!
 9/11/2022  Heather  Remembering you with fondness often and grateful for the positive impact youíve had on my life, Tyler. Much love to the entire Ugolyn family today and always.
 9/11/2022  Jay Montgomery  Still seems like just yesterday was graduation day and we took a photo and said canít wait to hang out soon. Will never forget you Tyler.
 9/11/2022  Jen Danyliw  Miss you always Ty <3
 9/11/2022  Logan Coyle Donahue  Cheek kiss. Thinking about you and everyone that loves you.
 9/11/2022  Patti Nicholson  Thinking of all of you with happy memories and sending prayers. Hope you are all well!
 8/8/2022  Bk  Happy Bday Brah
 7/27/2022  Susan Vadencourt  I have just learned that Tyler's father is my second cousin, which I think makes him my second cousin once removed. Anyway, it is heartbreaking to learn of his murder on 9/11, 21 years after the event. I was working, in the UK, where I have lived for many years, and someone ran into our ward to say a plane had been flown into one of the towers and so we turned on the TV in a spare patients room. The UK is 5 hours ahead of EDT in the US. So it was the early afternoon in England and the fatal medicine unit wasn't actually busy at that time. I saw the horror of the second plane hitting the other tower, live on the BBC, and then the 2 towers eventually collapsing. Like the entire world, I was horrified and heartbroken and wondered about all the people lost and their families. Little did I know I would be related to one of them. So sorry that we never met but may you be soaring free through the cosmos for all these years now. Love from long lost Cousin Susan in England.
 2/5/2022  Teresa Moriarty  I met Tyler on a Columbia Catholic Athletes retreat (in 2000, I believe). At some point the priest invited us to approach the altar to touch the cloth as though it was Christ's garment. There was some prolonged hesitation as we all clearly felt the intimacy and weight of this request, but eventually, I felt compelled to approach the altar, and was followed by Tyler. I still remember Tyler's kind smile at me as he returned to the pew and the steady flow of other retreatants that almost immediately followed him. I drew on this powerful experience of God's palpable presence, that I shared with Tyler, in 2006 when I was diagnosed with an 'adverse prenatal diagnosis' and was encouraged to get an abortion (my daughter, now 14, is a happy, smart, funny, and joyful child who also happens to use a wheelchair). I am now an English teacher at Regis HS (after teaching for many years in the public system) and gave a 'Christian Commitment' talk this past Friday (on the 3rd day of a Quest retreat) where I shared this experience and my subsequent reinvigorated Catholic faith. I intend to share this talk, involving Tyler, on future Regis retreats. God Bless
 9/17/2021  Penny George Alicia and Michael Piotrowski  You are so often in our thoughts. Sending huge hugs forever and ever.
 9/13/2021  Marsha Davis  Thinking of you Ty, and of your family. Hard to believe that itís been 20 years. Never forget!
 9/11/2021  Amanda Smith  Holding you close in my heart today Ugolyn family. Thinking of and remembering Tyler. Canít believe itís been 20 years. We will never forget.
 9/11/2021  Heather Breen  Just sending love to Tyler and the whole Ugolyn family.
 9/11/2021  Jen Danyliw  Miss you so much Ty, you continue to live on in all of our hearts and memories. Sending love to the Ugolyns.
 9/11/2021  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Tyler is often in my thoughts and I continue to be inspired by his life. Clearly many others feel the same way! I am grateful to have known him. Thinking of the Ugolyn family and sending love.
 9/11/2021  Ken Lantigua  Never forgotten Ty.
 9/11/2021  Matt Lumelleau  Thoughts and prayers with the family. Many fond memories of being a kid watching him throw hoops off the back board at SSCC. Tyler never missed but is missed.
 9/11/2021  Michael Woerner  20 years in some ways it seems like just one day it is amazing to read how many lives you have touched. You and your family are on my mind today.
 9/11/2021  Patti and Tim Nicholson  Hi Diane and Victor, Today is no different for all those other days/years we remember Tyler and both of you. My Tim passed away on 1/10/21 1 day before his 73 birthday. I know the pain and the sorrow and I can only hope time helps with the prayers and support of family and friends. Love to you both and the wonderful family that Trevor has now. With great memories and prayers, Patti
 9/10/2021  Faye Gamel  
 9/10/2021  Joe Koller  I come here every year. I don't always sign. I had to this year. May God Bless your soul Tyler. May God continue to look over your family. Viva Cristo Rey.
 9/10/2021  Michael Konner  What a remarkable young man. Although also from Ridgefield, I never met Tyler but reading many profiles about his character are truly inspiring. My thoughts and love to his family and friends.
 9/12/2020  Jay Mont  Always seems like just yesterday that we were playing pick up games and getting a lift in the CU gym. Never forget.
 9/11/2020  Allison Lloyds  Thinking of you and your family today. I always remember you with a joyful smile and laugh. Rest easy.
 9/11/2020  Amanda (Davis) Smith  I stopped in my tracks when I realized itís been 19 years. 19. #34, Tyler, you are always the first thing that comes to mind on this day every year. You and your family. You are missed and always remembered.
 9/11/2020  Carol Russell Sullivan  I think of Tyler regularly and his family too. I wish them peace. What wonderful memories you must have of such a bright and charming young man.
 9/11/2020  COLE  i hope you live a great life and hope that you will be blessed for all your life for yours and family's life
 9/11/2020  Derrick Mayo  Miss you brother! I will never get that laugh out of my head, nor do I want to.
 9/11/2020  Dominique  Thinking of you!
 9/11/2020  Hathaway Rabette  You are loved, you are missed and you are never forgotten!!
 9/11/2020  Heather Breen  Thinking of you and the whole family.
 9/11/2020  Jason Davis  Ty- thinking of you buddy. Love ya.
 9/11/2020  Ken Lantigua  Thinking of you Ty.
 9/11/2020  Marsha Davis  
 9/11/2020  Marsha Davis  I canít believe itís been 19 years. You are always remembered and never forgotten . Love to your family today and every day ????
 9/11/2020  Patti and Tim Nicholson  There isn't a night that goes by that I don't remember Tyler in my daily prayers and think of all those days so early on when TK and Tyler were infants. My prayers are with all of the Ugolyns today and daily.
 9/11/2020  Roya Vakil  Thinking of you TY... that smile, that laugh... Your memory lives on.
 9/11/2020  Vern  Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace. Amen.
 9/10/2020  Jen Danyliw  You continue to be so loved and so remembered by everyone. Missing you and thinking of you Ty, so lucky to have been your friend. Lots of love to the Ugolyns.
 2/11/2020  Mike McBrien  TY- thought of your today and started going down memory lane. We had some fun, dumb times together. Miss you man.
 9/12/2019  Heather Breen  Tyler, I want to thank you,and I want everyone to be able to read this. I know you didn't know it, but you helped save my life. I am forever grateful for your kindness and I try to live up to it every day,
 9/11/2019  ..  Praying for the Ugolyn family tonight. Rest in power.
 9/11/2019  Allison Lloyds  Thinking of you today Tyler! You were such a kind and special person always with a smile and a warm word! Never forget.
 9/11/2019  Amanda Smith  Every year when this day comes, I immediately think of you, Tyler, and your family. I always say a prayer and make it known that you have not been and will not ever be forgotten. Taken way too soon #34. Thinking of you today Ugolyn family.
 9/11/2019  Jen Danyliw  Missing you my friend??
 9/11/2019  Ken Lantigua  Thought about you throughout the day amigo. Loved seeing everyoneís pics and messages. It was tough seeing the ceremony this morning, but thankful for the reminder of so many great memories. Lots of love to your fam. - Ken
 9/11/2019  Marsha Davis  Tyler , you are never far from our thoughts and on this day , just wanted to stop and take a moment to send love to your family and friends . You were a bright light here on earth and I know your light is still shining. #34. Always remember. Never ever forget
 9/10/2019  maryellen steele  Dear Ugolyn Family, Our prayers are with you at this time and always. Thank you for making Tyler's presence a part of our lives and the families of Our Lady of Fatima. I am very grateful to your recommendation to find the spiritual purpose and marks of love from heaven that occur every day. I thought of you when I listened to a youtube recording of Bishop Robert Barron :The Word on Fire WOF 066 How to Have Hope. Sending my prayers and love, Maryellen Steele
 10/8/2018  Paul Kim  Thanks for everything, 34.
 9/14/2018  B  Just came here for school work randomly chose him truly a sad story ;(
 9/12/2018  Reed Werbitt  Thinking of you and your family today. God bless.
 9/11/2018  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Love to you all today and every day.
 9/11/2018  Ken Lantigua  I had a nice opportunity to share a few stories about you with some of my younger colleagues at work today. Put a big smile on my face. Goes without saying, thinking of you and your family today amigo. Lots of love to the Ugolyns.
 9/11/2018  Michelle  Thinking about you and your family today.
 9/11/2018  Tiffany Lipp Perry  About 15 years ago, I had the privledge to complete a mural in Columbus, Ohio in dedication to someone lost on 9/11. We chose Tyler from a group of profiles through the Points of Light Foundation. None of us had ever met him. His profile stuck out to the group of us for several reasons. His young age. His love of basketball. But mostly because he always seemed to be giving back, to making the world a better place. By the end of the mural, I believe we all felt like we knew him. Our paper here, The Columbus Dispatch, did an article and a copy made it's way to his parents. I had the honor of talking to his Dad, Victor. To this day that is one of the most memorable phone calls of my life. Victor and Diane, getting the chance to meet you at the mural dedication in 2007 is a memory I will always hold close to my heart. I think about you and yours often and especially today. Everyday is a gift and Tyler taught me that.
 10/25/2017  Garry Brown   I have two humanitarian & cultural figures that I honor and revere most: Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente. I am very moved by Tyler, his life and his human qualities. God Bless Tyler, his family and all who endeavor to improve the human condition.
 9/12/2017  Andrew Danberg-Ficarelli  Just passed my 20th anniversary of meeting Tyler in a pre-Columbia hiking group. Freshman orientation, one of my first vivid university memories was putting him up on my shoulders to rally the hundreds of young new strangers timidly sitting on south lawn to be more fired up and enthusiastic; he wanted everyone up and applauding each other. "I want a standing ovation! Give each other a standing ovation!" he bellowed and cajoled. 6'4 sitting on two guys who were 6'4, it was tough to miss... and it worked. Miss you, buddy.
 9/12/2017  Nadine Courtney  I didn't know Tyler, but (as a Barnard student) many of my friends did. I think of him every time I think of 9/11. This summer, I visited the 9/11 memorial and walked around the perimeter until I found his name, quietly honoring his memory. Sending love and light his way and yours. He has not been forgotten, even by strangers.
 9/11/2017  Brad  Thinking about you today and always, Tyler! Love to you and the Ugolyn family!
 9/11/2017  Hathaway  Tyler you are loved and remembered today and always. xoxo
 9/11/2017  Heather  Love and thoughts to you, Tyler and your family on this day and throughout the year. I'll never forget the kindness and warmth you provided me during a difficult time in my life.
 9/11/2017  Jay Montgomery  Miss you Tyler. Never ever forget you. Peace bro.
 9/11/2017  Jen Danyliw  Keep smiling down on us from heaven Ty, I miss you. Sending love to the Ugolyn family today.
 9/11/2017  Ken Lantigua  Cheers to you Ty. Remembering the laughs today. - Ken
 9/11/2017  Matt Lumelleau  Tyler and The Ugolyn family- I am thinking of you today and always. - Matt
 9/11/2017  Scott Sharlow  Thinking of you and your family today Tyler. Much love.
 4/28/2017  Judy Longo  Tyler, Ridgefield High School won the FCIAC championship basketball game against Wilton in double overtime. #34 scored the final 4 points to win 68 to 64! I know you were watching and giving the strength to #34 to hit those free throws! We are so proud that your number was the final deciding factor in bringing Ridgefield it's first ever FCIAC championship! The basketball team has been invited to march in the Memorial Day parade! Your number #34 will be proudly walking down Main Street. ????
 9/12/2016  Heather  I think of Tyler on 9/11 and often throughout the year. I have special thoughts and prayers for his family on 9/12.
 9/11/2016  Everett Foney  I was a high school teenager during 9-11. Today I am 31. I am just learning your story through an archived Sports Illustrated story. I thank you for being a positive person in life. I also thank your dad for sharing your story during that difficult time. God rest your soul.
 9/11/2016  Ken Lantigua  Had a great day today with friends, football and good TY memories. It was your kind of day amigo. Lots of love of to your family.
 9/8/2016  Faye Gamel  Tyler, I miss you and think of you and your family every day. You will always be in my heart! God bless!
 9/25/2015  Jen Danyliw  Always thinking of you Ty, miss you so much.
 9/20/2015  Tyler Perry  I am on the wrong message board, I am deeply sorry for the loss of one of the greatest RHS graduates.
 9/11/2015  Cheryl Smith  Miss you, Ty. I know you're looking over us today with that amazing smile.
 9/11/2015  Georgia Stever  Thinking of you and your family today.
 9/11/2015  Heather Breen  Tyler, I continue to think of you and share your story. You had a significant impact on my life through a simple exchange at a pivotal juncture and difficult time that you never even realized. It speaks volumes about your character and why I will always make sure people get a chance to know you without having met you. God Bless and special thoughts on this day especially.
 9/11/2015  Jason Davis  Thinking of ya bud...God bless
 9/11/2015  Jennifer Mendizabal  Love and Prayers to you and your wonderful family.
 9/11/2015  Ken Lantigua  Sitting here with a smile thinking of the time you made me incline press more than I can handle and I couldn't move the next day. You and that huge laugh of yours Ty.... miss you buddy.
 9/11/2015  Marsha Davis  Always in our hearts and thoughts Tyler .Thinking of you and your family especially on this day. Never Forget
 9/8/2015  Faye  Tyler, I think of you and your wonderful family often. Rest in peace!
 9/7/2015  Anon  God Bless Tyler. We miss you.
 12/1/2014  Christian James  God bless the Ugolyn family. Rest in peace Tyler.
 11/30/2014  Cavan Briody  I am currently a senior at Ridgefield High School and will be the captain of the basketball team during our 2014-2015 season. Our season begins tomorrow with the first practice of the year. I have the privilege and honor of wearing #34 this year for the team. I am ecstatic to be given this opportunity and I hope to do you proud Tyler. Identically to you, I just love playing the game.
 11/26/2014  Ryan M. O'Connor  Unfortunately I only recently learned about this great cause but i will be a lifetime supporter going forward. Basketball was my passion growing up. Tyler's foundation will continue to support those less fortunate, the rest of the world should aspire to do the same!
 10/3/2014  Phillip Kirby  I just read Jeff Pearlman's article about Tyler on Pearlman's website. I am a 34-year old middle school teacher in South Texas and we would have been about the same age on September 11th 2001. I didn't personally know Tyler, or any of the victims of September 11th, but I am glad I got to know a little bit about Tyler and how much he meant to so many people.
 9/14/2014  Jeff Pearlman  Article changed my life.
 9/12/2014  Mario D  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family and friends. Your life and legacy is an inspiration to us all.
 9/11/2014  Brad Blosat  Thinking about you today Tyler. Love you buddy. Keep guiding us in this journey!
 9/11/2014  D Mayo  Hey TY, I remember your smile and laugh like it was yesterday. Playing with you, Zack and the guys on CU JV was some of the best times I've ever had playing. I'll see you later.
 9/11/2014  Elisha Roth  We will never forget...as always, thanks for watching over us Ty!
 9/11/2014  Faye  Ty, I think of you often and you will always have a place in my heart!
 9/11/2014  Heather Breen  Thinking of Tyler today and his family often and especially today. Much love, prayer and rememberance.
 9/11/2014  Jason Davis  Ty- think about you often man, especially on this day- Love to the whole ugolyn family.
 9/11/2014  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Thinking of you today and sending love to the Ugolyn family.
 9/11/2014  Jessi Gold  Ugolyn family, Its been a while since Ive visited tyler's page on a 9-11. I think this year I was drawn to it in part because for the first time I am not on the east coast (I moved to cali for residency in psychiatry). But, I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you, as is the rest of my family. Love
 9/11/2014  Ken Lantigua  Never forget... Thought of you and your family throughout the day today amigo.
 9/11/2014  Lisa Z  The world changed 13 years ago today and heaven gained so many angels. We know you're watching over us, Ty.
 9/11/2014  Marlene Z  Thinking of you today, Tyler. you and your family are always in my prayers. <3 <3 <3 Often think about all our laughs at travel games while watching the JV teams play and waiting for the varsity game. great memories.
 9/11/2014  Marsha Davis  Another year and still hard to believe what happened 13 years ago. Always have you , Tyler and your wonderful family in our thoughts.. Never forget..
 9/10/2014  Janice Gold  Remembering Tyler and the Ugolyn family... With love, Janice Gold and family
 9/10/2014  Matt Lumelleau  I suppose hurt changes but it never fades away. I was back in NY a few months ago and ran my fingers over your name late at night at the new Memorial. You will forever be missed and never forgotten. I rest assured you are still watching us all with that golden smile. I know for sure you are missed by many. Much Love to the Ugolyn family. Matt
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 3/24/2014  Stan Corey  Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Tyler but knowing his dad is all that I need to understand that Tyler must have been an outstanding young man. I am happy to be a supporter of the efforts of the foundation.
 2/26/2014  Jon Martin  Think about you often buddy, thanks for the #34 powerball number the other day, too bad the only number I had was the 34 powerball. 34 Strong!!
 9/18/2013  Joe Simpson, Atlanta Braves  
 9/12/2013  Brad Gloger  Ty, I was thinking about you today. You are a good man and come from a good family. I know you are looking down on us from above. I will never forget you. Love your friend, Brad
 9/12/2013  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Thinking of the Ugolyns this week and sending love
 9/11/2013  Ben Sesser  Tyler, Trevor and the whole family are in my thoughts today.
 9/11/2013  Faye Gamel  You are so loved and will always be in my heart.
 9/11/2013  Hathaway McCaffrey  Thank you for the amazing memories. You will always live on in all that loved you. I love you and miss you today and every day.
 9/11/2013  Jennifer Thomke  Thinking of you and your wonderful family today. Love and Prayers.
 9/11/2013  Julie Young  It doesn't seem possible for 12 years to pass @ to realize Tyler fouls be 35 .!i am the friend of Bob Weiss' family who has been in touch before re: Tyler,!! I remembr how deeply I was touched at hearing his stories from Bob & Scott also. Time does not heal all wounds but helps make it a little easier to bear. As I do each year I say a special prayer for your family and "talk with Tyler" ..... It's special...as special as Tyler was... God bless all. Julie Young
 9/11/2013  kelly venus  Ugolyn family~ thinking of you all today and how this feels like it happened just yesterday. Tys legacy has lived on through you and all of the lives he touched. Hugs & prayers with you today and always.
 9/11/2013  Ken Lantigua  You and your family are in our thoughts today amigo. Focusing on the laughs and all the great memories. Miss you buddy. - Ken
 9/11/2013  Liz Matory  Love Always!
 9/11/2013  Marsha and Steve Davis  Today is always a tough day..as we remember you Tyler, and your family and friends who love you so much... You are never far from our thoughts.. We will never forget.
 9/11/2013  Sylvie Liberman  Your story still touches all of us who knew you (and even those who didn't). Hope you are looking down on all of us today in peace. Sending warm thoughts to the Ugolyn family.
 9/10/2013  Heather Breen  Ty, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
 9/10/2013  Jason Davis  Ty, Thinking of you and your family--was watching some old RHS hoops videos recently and was smiling the entire time. Sending love.....
 4/17/2013  Kim Blumenthal  Dear Ugolyn family, I cannot help but think about Tyler and NYC in september 11th. As you know, I moved from NYC to Boston in 2003. My husband and I are both doctors at Mass General now. I felt worlds away from feeling like we could be a terrorist target. Of course, I was wrong. The grieving families in Boston are feeling the way you did, and still do. My love and support always. Kim, Dan and Jonah (14 months) Blumenthal (Formally Kim Gold)
 2/7/2013  Tony & Dawn Keyes  Tyler's quote reminded me of the way my mother lives every day. She turned 94 in December. Psalm 118 Verse 24 "This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Like many, many others, she has experienced dark days. Her mother died when she was 2, and she grew up in an orphanage run by Ursuline nuns. Her father lost everything in the crash of 1929, and died a few years later. Not really having been parented herself, she was terrified of motherhood, yet she raised 5 children who love her dearly and take advantage of every opportunity to be with her. She lost my brother to lung cancer 25 years ago, and my father after 67 years of marriage, yet she remains the most positive person I have ever known in my life. Tony
 10/15/2012  Bk  Cyber space Ty, I still quote you almost daily, how did you jam so much profound stuff in my head.
 9/27/2012  Ben  Miss you, Ty. - "A lamp to my feet and a light for my path..."
 9/11/2012  Amanda (Davis) Smith  Tyler, you are still with us today. Still missed. Always loved. 11 years later and it feels like yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor-thinking of you especially today and sending prayers and love.
 9/11/2012  Brad Gloger  Ty, I look back on all those meals we had together at Tom's with fond memories. Keep smiling, I miss you old friend. Brad.
 9/11/2012  EJ Burke  Only met you once, but think about you constantly. God bless you & your family.
 9/11/2012  Elisha Roth  We will never forget. Always in our thoughts Ty.
 9/11/2012  Hathaway McCaffrey  You were in my dream last night. We were at a wedding and just sat down and had a wonderful conversation. I love you and miss you every single day. I am forever grateful to have had you as a true friend. Love, Hathaway
 9/11/2012  Jason Davis  Thinking of you and your family Ty...
 9/11/2012  Jen Danyliw  Thinking of Ty and the Ugolyn family today. I miss you Ty.
 9/11/2012  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Thinking of you all today and sending love and peace.
 9/11/2012  Jennifer Thomke  Thinking of you and your family and sending much love and prayers your way.
 9/11/2012  Kat Griffith  Your memory continues to inspire me to live the richest life I can. I am truly grateful for having known you. You forever changed my life and I try only to remember the very best (and most ridiculous) memories. Those memories give me a reason to smile each year on this day. ...Shrugs, Chuckles, r-rolls, timbs, red hair dye, rainy picnics, golf challenges, hiking property, superman, wilson, the white tiger, the floor in spanish! Always in my heart - Kat
 9/11/2012  Lori Ugolik  My thoughts and prayers are with you all today and always.
 9/11/2012  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Remembering...
 9/11/2012  Philip Mandelbaum  Love you brother. In SI and worldwide, your Legacy endures. RIP. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/jeff_pearlman/09/07/september.11.tyler.ugolyn/index.html
 9/11/2012  Reid Murphy  What up my dude? Smiling today and everyday, just as you did. We'll keep holding down the fort for you until we meet again. Much love to you homey... In peace and respect-
 9/10/2012  Heather Breen  Lots and lots of love.
 9/10/2012  marsha davis  On the eve of 9/11, we are thinking of all the loved ones who are gone but not forgotten.. As always, thinking of you Tyler, and Trevor and Diane and Victor. Much love is being sent to you all.. Marsha and Steve
 8/7/2012  Taegen  Happy Birthday!
 6/21/2012  Heather Breen  Hi there...just a note to say hi. Happy belated Fathers Day to Mr. Ugolyn. I hope you had a wonderful day with Trevor and Tyler was of course, right there with you. All the best!
 6/17/2012  kim  godbless may you rip
 3/7/2012  Nick Fokas  hey ty. i always looked up to you at columbia cause you always had the hot girls around and i wasnt tall like you so i didnt get as many. we had some fun times together and partied together. hope everything is ok.
 3/5/2012  Brad Gloger  I was thinking of my old buddy, and wanted you to know I love you kid, and that you will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you. Bg
 1/24/2012  Ken Oliver  Hey: I visited you Sunday in NYC at the 9-11 Memorial. God bless you and your family. Peace, Ken
 12/20/2011  LouAnn Smith  I never had the priviledge of meeting Tyler,I had only met his Dad when this tragedy befell his family. From all accounts he was an outstanding young man. I think about him and his family often. I love how even in death his legacy lives on. I will support this great foundation. God bless.
 12/18/2011  Torie  Reading this makes my deciisnos easier than taking candy from a baby.
 9/14/2011  Bill & Sandy Kauffman  I can feel the family's sorry, for we have also lost a daughter suddenly in her prime of life. Knowing the lives touched by Tyler, and by our teacher/mother daughter, we are blessed to have had these caring children, and to have shared their love. What a blessing they have been!!
 9/13/2011  Brad Gloger  Ty, I am still thinking about you. I remember our old video game addiction ( SNOOD) we played all freshman year at CU. I love you man. Keep smiling. BG
 9/13/2011  joey drugsta  showin some love!
 9/12/2011  dave sandler  still think of you, Ty. everyone does. miss you.
 9/12/2011  Ken Lantigua  Hey Tyler - Took a page from your book yesterday and tried to strictly focus on all of the good things and happy memories. Wasn't easy, but helped to soften the day a bit. So random, but one of the things I will always remember about you is working out in the gym; how pumped up and positive you were, and how much more fun it was to have you around for those sessions. 10 years later and you're still sorely missed buddy. Lots of love to you and your family, this week and always. - Ken
 9/12/2011  Lorin Scher  Tyler Thinking of you today of course. Many wonderful memories of our time in college. Miss you dearly, and think of you and your family often. love, Lorin and Kristen
 9/12/2011  Lorin Scher  Tyler Thinking of you today of course. Many wonderful memories of our time in college. Miss you dearly, and think of you and your family often. love, Lorin and Kristen
 9/12/2011  Zack  Death is nothing at all Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you; whatever we were to each other, that, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used, put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we shared together. Let my name ever be the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well. Henry Scott Holland 1847 -1918
 9/11/2011  Amanda (Davis) Smith  Thinking of the Ugolyn family, especially today. Hard to believe it's been 10 years...but we will never forget. I was in NYC in July and had the opportunity to walk through Ground Zero and of course, you were in my thoughts, Tyler. It is an amazing memorial. You will never stopped being missed.
 9/11/2011  Andrea Castellani Donigian  Thinking and praying for the Ugolyn family. Ten years later and it's still hard to describe the loss we all feel for Tyler and all of the other innocent victims.
 9/11/2011  Andy & Stephanie Kirwan  Steph, Emery and I send our love to the Ugolyn family. We love you guys.
 9/11/2011  Beth Ugolik  With a heavy heart ... remembering ...
 9/11/2011  Brad Blosat  Thinking about you today Ty. Miss you everyday buddy. Love you forever.
 9/11/2011  Cory Ugolick  Thinking of you and your family,
 9/11/2011  Dani Gambill  Hey Tyler, my son wore his "Ty's Tourney" shirt to school for a remembrance day on friday. Amazing how the next generation is carrying on your memory!
 9/11/2011  Jamie Bunyan  thinking of you and your family on a day we mourn a great loss but also celebrate an amazing life. Never forget.
 9/11/2011  Jamie Bunyan  thinking of you and your family on a day we mourn a great loss but also celebrate an amazing life. Never forget.
 9/11/2011  Janine  TY, you are missed. You and your memory will never be forgotten. Please watch over us all. Sending my love to you and your family.
 9/11/2011  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Thinking of Tyler and sending love and peace to the Ugolyn family today.
 9/11/2011  John Mahon  Just to remember you and wish your Mum and Dad all the best on this special occasion. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. John & Mary Mahon
 9/11/2011  marlene zipin  thinking of u and your family, today and always.
 9/11/2011  Mary DiSimone  Remembering you today and always... Tyler you are in our hearts forever. Lots of love to the Ugolyn family.
 9/11/2011  Melissa Franko  Just read Jeff Pearlman's article from Friday. What a wonderful legacy Tyler left...know that he will be remembered forever. God Bless. With my thoughts and prayers, Melissa Franko.
 9/11/2011  Murf  Big ups to you today my dude. Your light is shining today and everyday. Enjoyed having you at the tourney with us. The turn out was incredible and the love flowing. We congregated in the spirit of your dedication to the game and life. My conversations with Trevor struck a familiar chord as your spirit is embedded in him. You would be awfully proud of the man he has become. Much love to the U's today. In peace and respect... Murf
 9/11/2011  Shannon Campbell  Thinking of Tyler and the whole Ugolyn family today. You all are in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.
 9/11/2011  Tamer  10 years on...still remember astronomy sitting in barnard auditorium kicking it..peace and love my brother
 9/11/2011  Teresa Barnett  You were clearly a special person Tyler.
 9/11/2011  Teresa Barnett  You are clearly a special person Tyler. Teresa Barnett (great aunt to your namesake, Tyler Finley)
 9/11/2011  Yasna Conejeros  We walked the same hallways in High school but didnt really know you . I do remember watching you play basketball! Today as a mother of a little boy.. I am thinking heavily on you and your family. The more people share about you..the more I think of how proud I would be of my son if he was such a respected and great person as you were. One day I ll bring my little guy to your court and shoot some hoops in your name. RIP
 9/10/2011  Jason davis  thinking of u Ty, and your family--god bless
 9/10/2011  Jeff Pearlman  Ten years. Staggering. I love that this website still exists, and how many people clearly cherish your memory and impact.
 9/10/2011  Jen Danyliw  Keeping your family in my thoughts this weekend. I miss you Ty. Thanks for watching over us.
 9/10/2011  Jennifer Mendizabal  My daughter is 2 and loves bouncing basketballs and today I was trying to teach her how to make a basket. All of the sudden I flashed back to when I was 6 and at the house having a play date w/ Trevor. You came home and got us in trouble b/c we were upstairs in the bedrooms so we went outside and you and Trevor were showing me how to make a basket. It's amazing how comforting memories can be. I'm praying that the memories your family and friends have help make this year's anniversary a little more bearable.
 9/10/2011  Julia Leef  Hi, Tyler. I never had the chance to meet you, but when writing an article for my school newspaper I was told your name, and I had to find out more about you. Everything that I've found shows me what a wonderful person you are, and that you lived an amazing life that was cut far too short. I pray that wherever you are, you will be able to see everyone down here thinking about you. I'll be one of them.
 9/10/2011  Michael & Susie Woerner  Our thoughts sre with Vic, Diane, and Trevor, What a tremendous legacy creating Tyler's Courts around the country. Will light a candle for Tyler this weekend at St. Isaacs in Hinsdale Il.
 9/9/2011  Michelle Kobryn  Thinking about you and your family.
 9/9/2011  Sam  Thinking of you and your family. God bless you
 9/9/2011  Tina  My heart and my prayers are with Tyler's family...
 6/7/2011  James  Ty, thinking of you and your family
 5/5/2011  Jon Martin  Hey brother, missing you like always. Thanks for the 34 on the roulette table. One bet, one spin, cleaned up! Same Lake Tahoe casino you did the same thing on back over New Years 2000. Was a special moment!
 12/18/2010  Will Coupe  Tyler was a great guy and had a huge impact on my life.
 11/5/2010  Andrew Gustin  Tyler, I have fond but horribly bittersweet memories of our working together and playing hoops together on the Alger squad during summer 2001. I think of you and your family all the time. Peace
 11/2/2010  Geri Hotard  He was a gift from God. Through this loving foundation, kids all over can enjoy his greatest joy.
 9/13/2010  Amanda Davis  Never forget. God Bless.
 9/11/2010  Dani Gambill  I will always admire you and cherish the memories!
 9/11/2010  Heather Breen  Much love and many prayers for the Ugolyn family.
 9/11/2010  Jeff Pearlman  Still inspired by your life, as well as what your family has done to improve the world (in your name) ever since. God bless. ó Jeff and Catherine Pearlman
 9/11/2010  Jennifer Mendizabal  you and your family are my thoughts and prayers today...god bless.
 9/11/2010  Ken Lantigua  Thinking of you today Ty... Woke up with a smile on my face thinking of all the good times back at Columbia. I can still hear you yelling "Dominiclean!" from across the room, haha. My best to your family today - hope everyone is doing well. - Ken, 9.11.10
 9/10/2010  Anonymous  I only had the chance to meet you once and I thought you were a great person (just like everyone else). I was close to someone that you knew well and tried to comfort them dealing with losing you. I've worked next to the WTC for the past 7 and not a day goes by that I don't think about you, even though I hardly knew you. I've never posted before but I've been here for the past 9 years reading about how loved you were. I hope you are doing well and know how much you are missed. Its an honor to say that I know you.
 9/10/2010  Hathaway McCaffrey  Thinking of you as always!! Much love to the Ugolyn Family.
 9/10/2010  Jen Danyliw  Thinking of you.
 9/10/2010  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Can hardly believe it is that time of year again. I still think of you every single day. I have your picture in my car so you are with me every place I go. Miss you. Lynnsey
 9/9/2010  Marsha and Steve Davis  Thinking of Tyler and his family this week,and always. Love and Prayers
 8/23/2010  brian kenny  we miss you
 7/13/2010  Jay Montgomery  Hi. I was in Tyler's graduating CU class and was a CU student/athlete. I have a picture of Tyler and I in our graduation garb on graduation day. We were nothing but smiles that day! Just before that picture was taken we talked about how we looked forward to hangin out again. The 2nd semester of our senior year we played numerous pickup games on the CU courts and he always schooled me. I know we were going to become better friends after CU and I am sad that didn't happen. I wish your family and friends the best and in my line of work I will never forget 9/11. I've tried to do my small part for the last 8 years and will never stop for you and the other victims. Peace.
 3/31/2010  Tom Harford  I read your amazing story about "Tyler's Court" in todays Indianapolis Star. I lost a son in 2004. May they never be forgotten.
 2/17/2010  Heather Breen  I came across an article while at work this morning about the wonderful things being done by the Ugolyn family in Tyler's name. Just wanted to stop by and let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers often. God bless~
 10/23/2009  Reid Murphy  Much love to you Big Ty, today and everyday. I was just thinking about our time at P&R, playing on the outside courts. I often take a ride through when visiting, but no one balls there anymore. So I just shoot by myself and reflect. You touched so many peoples lives, as evident from the outpour of love on this site. Hold your head up high mi hombre. And do it with a smile. One love. In peace and respect. Murph
 9/11/2009  Amanda Davis  Thinking of you especially today...8 years, but never forgotten. God Bless.
 9/11/2009  Brad Gloger  Tyler, You and your family are in my prayers. Brad
 9/11/2009  Cheryl Foster  Miss you today, Tyler. One of my guardian angels.
 9/11/2009  Hathaway Ingraham  Thinking of you and your family. You will never be forgotten. Much love.
 9/11/2009  Heather Breen  Thinking of Tyler and his wonderful family today and always. You're in the Breen's prayers.
 9/11/2009  jason davis  thinking of u
 9/11/2009  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Thinking of Ty and the Ugolyns today. Love and peace, Jen and Jim
 9/11/2009  Jessi Gold  It is hard to believe it has been 8 years. As I grow up, the memories my sister has of tyler, and the strength and kindness of your family, sticks with me. I am thinking of you all, as always, on this day. Jessi
 9/11/2009  Kelly Venus  Ugolyn family, In my thoughts & prayers, not just today- but everyday..thinking of you
 9/11/2009  Kim Gold Blumenthal  Thinking about Tyler and the Ugolyns today. Much love, Kim
 9/11/2009  Liz Matory  Thinking of you. Love and prayers to you and your family.
 9/11/2009  Roya Vakil  Miss you TY
 9/11/2009  Tere Carlson  Rest in peace Tyler!
 9/10/2009  Aunt Jeannette  Think of you often and pray for you and your family always. Love, Jeannette
 9/10/2009  David Friedman  Brilliant inspiration comes from a brilliant young man.
 9/10/2009  Jen Danyliw  Hey Ty - You cross my mind all the time and while tears come to my eyes I still end smiling because I think of your smiling face and know that you are watching over all of us. Missing you always. Love, Jen
 4/22/2009  theo brown  my god be with you
 2/25/2009  Kat  Hey T-Y, I heard that dire straits song you used to sing and I thought of you dancing around with your fist pumps. It was cracking me up. It also made me think of that unique glow-stick inspired krug/ty dance off. Priceless. It's all those little things...they always get to me. I still miss you every single day. Thinking of that smile. Love - Kat
 12/28/2008  Jeff Pearlman  It's been more than seven years since I wrote that article ... still think of Tyler all the time, and wish he were here with us.
 9/14/2008  Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg  Just wanted to say I'm thinking about the Ugolyn family and wishing you peace.
 9/11/2008  Andrea Castellani  Another anniversary of not only the day, but of a life that will never be forgotten. I told my students about you again this year. I had them smiling and filling up with tears all at the same time. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands. And to the Ugolyns- I admire your strength and God bless.
 9/11/2008  Catherine Pearlman  Hello Ugolyn Family, I am Jeff Pearlman's wife. Although we have never met or spoken your family is very much a part of ours. My due date for my first child was Tyler's birthday and we thought to name her after him if she was born on that date. (she came a week early so she became Casey). But every time people ask me how we picked the name Casey I tell how she was almost Tyler. 9/11 is always a tough time and I just wanted you to know that we think of you often. -Catherine
 9/11/2008  Jennifer Mendizabal  For seven years I've visited this every Sept. 11th and I've never had to guts to write anything. All I want to say is that The Ugolyn Family is in my prayers always. I think what they have turned your memory into is something to be cherished and something we can all learn from.
 9/11/2008  laurie ruettimann  I'm here through Jeff Pearlman's website. Thank you for sharing Ty's story. It's so important because it is an American story. It's our shared history. I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts. Warm Regards/laurie
 9/11/2008  Liz Matory  9.11.08 It feels like a lifetime since you passed away though each September 11th makes it feel like yesterday. In many respects, we were all better people when you were around. Life was simpler, but perhaps it was because we were still in college. Now, I just pray that we all strive to make the world better for each other a little each day or by a lot. Love to you, your family, and your loved ones.
 9/11/2008  Marilyn Johnson  I'm so sorry he's gone; I'm just meeting him on this site. Now I will think about him this evening and in the years to come. My condolences and best wishes to his friends and family.
 9/11/2008  Rachel  Found this site via Jeff Pearlman. I didn't know Tyler, but reading this site brought tears to my eyes. He was obviously a very sweet, very loved person. My condolences to his friends and family.
 9/10/2008  Mike Einzig  Never forgetting, Ty. Thoughts and prayers to the Ugolyn family.
 4/1/2008  Taegen Reed  To the Ugolyn Famly, I have thought of you often in the passing months. Cheers to Tyler, who touched all that he could with his neverending smile and large heart. He is a man who will never be forgotten. I pray that the pain of losing Ty has eased a little. Love to your family, Taegen (Annunziato) Reed
 2/24/2008  Violet  Thinking of you, buddy. Always. Much love to the Ugolyn family.
 2/16/2008  Paul K.  Mr. & Mrs. Ugolyn, I am so proud to receive the Sportsmanship Award from the Tyler Ugolyn Basketball Tournament at Our Lady of Fatima School. Your son has set such a great example in sports, education, religion, and community service. God Bless you! Paul K. (8th Grader - OLF School)
 12/14/2007  Hathaway Ingraham  I have been thinking about you a lot recently. I love you and miss you.
 12/4/2007  Faye  Ty, another year and it still seems like yesterday. My heart will always break knowing you are no longer with us but I also have comfort knowning you are watching over us all. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Faye
 11/28/2007  Cory Leiphart  Ty, you've always been the epitome of how a person should live his life. Your personality and fervor for life were second to none. Good friends are like stars... you don't always see them but you know they're always there. I know that you're looking down on us and we'll always been looking up to you. We miss you Ty. Cory
 11/5/2007  Paul Phillips  Victor and Diane, Reading this guestbook is an emotional experience. The warmth and the diversity of memories are a tribute to the two of you as well as to Tyler.His life serves as a great example. Paul
 10/28/2007  Rose Johnson  tyler, i just want to say that i have learned about your amazing achievements and how much you did in your life, and just know how much you are doing still now, even if you are gone. you are very inpirational and you are in our thoughts. rest in peace
 9/16/2007  KR  God Bless.
 9/12/2007  Kim Gold  Thinking of you and your family. Sorry I missed 9/11- I am working nights on the labor and delivery floor. I helped bring beautiful babies into the world yesterday, on a day that needs happiness. Much Love, Kim
 9/11/2007  Amanda Davis  Tyler- Thinking of you today, yesterday, tomorrow and always. I can't believe it has been 6 years. You will never be forgotten and are always missed. Thinking of Mr. & Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor too. God Bless.
 9/11/2007  Andrea  Thinking of the Ugolyn family today. Ty- you're always in my thoughts and prayers.
 9/11/2007  Hathaway Ingraham  Tyler, There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I love you and will forever miss you. Hap
 9/11/2007  Heather Breen  Tyler, today and so often you are in my family's thoughts and prayers. Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn, you have always reminded me of my parents. You exude faith and I hope that offers you strength and some consolation. For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. --William Penn
 9/11/2007  HJS  Thinking of you and your beautiful family.
 9/11/2007  jason davis  ty- thinking of you and you family today
 9/11/2007  Jeff Pearlman  Peace to the Ugolyn family ...
 9/11/2007  Jen Danyliw  Hey Ty - I miss you.
 9/11/2007  Ken Lantigua  I've been feeling a bit robbed lately that you're not around Ty. But it's cool to see that so many great things have been named in your honor. Thinking of you and your family today. All the best to the Ugolyns - Ken
 9/11/2007  Lisa Zebrowski  Ty, This is my first year away from New York City and yet the pain of what happened on September 11th seems so much closer. Still, there's something about remembering you that makes my own experience from that day seem so much less significant and easier to deal with. My faith has been my greatest help and I'm sure you would have been right there with the rest of us at the annual prayer and candlelight vigils, praying for the repose of the souls of the faithful who lost their lives 6 years ago today. God bless you and your family, Ty. Lisa
 9/11/2007  Liz Matory  Always thinking of you, my friend. Love to you, your family and friends.
 9/11/2007  Lynnsey E. Eakin  missing you still, love you always, Lynnsey
 9/11/2007  Marsha and Steve Davis  Another year has passed and Tyler and the Ugolyn family are never far from our thoughts. God Bless you all.
 9/11/2007  Ryan  We miss you my friend. Mel and I are thinking of your family and hope everyone is doing well. Ryan
 9/11/2007  Scott Adams  Your family is in my prayers today. God bless.
 9/11/2007  Tania D'Alberti  To the Ugolyn Family: My thoughts are with you and the memory of Ty with every year that passes. Sending Warms Wishes your way.
 9/11/2007  Tom Nelson  Ty- Just thinking back to some of the good times we had and that big smile of your's... we miss you! - Tom
 9/10/2007  Matt Lumelleau  Ty I know it is no coincidence that I am thinking of you today. I think of you allot more often then once a year, and you and your family are in my prayers. Tomorrow as I have the last 4 years I will go to ground zero at lunch. If this year is the same as every other there will be a man and a woman who read in alphabetical order the stories of those we lost. Periodically they ask if anyone has any requests, I always request to have your story told. It's amazing to see how even now the story of your life and how you lived continues to impress strangers as much today as before 9/11. You are missed everyday.
 9/9/2007  George & Jeannette  Hi Ty. Didn't get a chance to sign in on your birthday as we were away. Still remember that wonderful smile of yours and think of you often. You and your family are always in our prayers. Love, G & J
 9/9/2007  Janice Gold  Thinking of the Ugolyns, as always, with love.
 5/31/2007  Tamer Obied  Yo thought of ya. Much love man.
 5/8/2007  marsha and amanda davis  
 5/8/2007  marsha and amanda davis  Victor, Diane and Trevor,We are planning a visit to Ridgefield this summer and were talking about the many memories we have from living there.. Tyler came to mind and we want his family to know that we are thinking about all of you and hoping that you are doing well. I am sure you miss Tyler every day. God Bless You..
 5/7/2007  Regina Scott  Dear Mr and Mrs Ugolyn Thank you for the amazing day that my 6 year old son and all of the children shared on Saturday at the Columbia Gym in honor of your son Tyler. What an inspiring way to honor your child. It was a pleasure to meet you and share this uplifting day that I know my son will always remember. Sincerely, Regina Scott
 2/14/2007  ed butowsky  what a great kid...i wish i had met him..
 1/29/2007  Christie Sturges  Trevor and Family, Trevor I know we aren't close, but your family is in my thoughts and prayers constantly...Just thought you should know.
 12/21/2006  Eileen Barroso  Just wanted to say that i am always praying for tyler and is family. God Bless You All! Eileen
 10/15/2006  Ben  Ty. I miss you, bro. You and your family are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping an eye on things down here.
 9/12/2006  jason davis  thinking of you and your family...you will never be forgotten.
 9/12/2006  Joe Koller  I never personally knew Tyler. I have read the SI article by Jeff Pearlman every 9.11 -- to remind me about a friend I lost. I'm Tyler's age. When I first read that article I thought I was reading about my best friend or perhaps even about myself. It's definitely a hard read but a great reminder to strive to achieve greatness everyday. Tyler has given me that and I never even met him face to face. But I know that I continue to meet him everyday. Thanks buddy, I hope to truly meet you someday.
 9/12/2006  Ryan Lumelleau  Ty, you and your family are always in our thougths and prayers, and especially today. God bless. Ryan and Melanie
 9/12/2006  Tamer Obied  Was at CU a few weeks ago and had a flashback of sitting on the steps at CU. The image that came to mind was you standing behind, Adam Crocker who had his turn tables out, waving your hand back and forth like you thought you could dance. I hope they taught you how to dance in heaven. Thinking of you and your family.
 9/11/2006  Ali Fazio  Today is an natural day to be at this site, a day to think about all those loved ones we've lost, to visualize the smiles we miss and allow those feeling to overwhelm us again... but it warms my heart to see it here that we all think of you and love you every day.
 9/11/2006  Amanda Davis  Thinking of you and your family, always...but especially today. You will never be forgotten. God Bless.
 9/11/2006  Andrea  To the Ugolyn family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Ty, you are not forgotten. You're in my thoughts not only today but every day.
 9/11/2006  Brad Gloger  I'm thinking of you TY. My love to you and your family always. Brad
 9/11/2006  David Rood  I taught at Ridgefield High School, including having Trevor as a student. Peace be with you.
 9/11/2006  Elisha Price  Ty, thinking of you and your family. Keep watching over us.
 9/11/2006  Hathaway Ingraham  Just wanted to say I love you and miss you.
 9/11/2006  Heather Breen  Just stopping by to leave my love. God bless and know you're in all of our hearts and prayers.
 9/11/2006  James Burke  We lit a candle in your memory at Mass. You, your family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers today and always.
 9/11/2006  Jen Danyliw  Always in my thoughts. I miss you.
 9/11/2006  Jessi Gold  Its my sophomore year of college. It is hard to believe that I was a freshman in high school when the world changed, and that it was so long ago. I am happy that you had the ability to influence my sister's life so profoundly in such a short , but meaningful time. I wish I got to know you better, but from the interactions with your family and what my sister says, I feel like I do. I will never forget. Love always.
 9/11/2006  kathy, jay, alexandra and natasha kane of Granby  I heard Tyler's name read today and wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss. I will always remember coming to view 12 Round Hill Road (the home we still live in) and meeting the boys when they came home from tee-ball practice at Salmon Brook Park. My daughter, Alexandra, had Tyler's room, and she still remembers to this day the little boy who had her room because she found a crayon in the radiator. She used to say this was the little boy's crayon who used to live here. I think she stil has that crayon somewhere. Kathy, Jay, Alexandra and Natasha Kane 12 Round Hill Road Granby, Ct. 06035
 9/11/2006  Ken Lantigua  Thinking of you today Ty... We were at Kim's farm a few weeks ago and I cracked up thinking about all the good times we had there... it was great reliving those memories and sharing them with others. Lots of love to the Ugolyns today. - Ken
 9/11/2006  Kim  Wishing the ugolyns all my best today and always. We all miss Tyler and hold our memories of him close to our hearts.
 9/11/2006  KR  God Bless.
 9/11/2006  Lauren Schmiedel  To the Ugolyn Family, my prayers and thoughts are with you on this day. I think of you all and Tyler every time I take a left on Fifth Ave., and every day the sky is piercingly blue. Peace be with you.
 9/11/2006  marsha and steve davis  Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about the Ugolyn family.. you are thought about often. Tyler will never be forgotten . GOD BLESS..
 9/11/2006  Maurita Autrey  To the family and friends of Tyler: Many are unaware of this ongoing tribute to your son and the other victims of 9/11 five years ago. Lackland AFB breeds dogs for work with TSA's explosive detection, and in honor of Tyler, we have a beautiful yellow Lab which we kept for 8 months to socialize the dog. Even though she did not qualify for their rigorous program, we adopted the dog, and remember your son and friend every day. The program names each litter from a letter of the alphabet; ours was the U litter. Her name is Uugolyn--one letter for the litter, and her name in honor of Tyler Ugolyn. God Bless him, and God Bless America.
 9/11/2006  Roya Vakil  thinking of you always TY...
 9/11/2006  tiger  Hey Ty. Five years ago and it still seems like yesterday. We miss you a lot brother. Keep looking down on us as we always keep looking up to you. Take care and RIP. All our love Tiger
 9/11/2006  Zack Schiller  TY... "Your body may be gone I'm carry you in, in my head, and in my heart, in my soul. And maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both live again, well I don't know I don't know I don't know - I hope so." ...All my love to you and your family, always and forever.
 9/10/2006  Janice Gold  Thinking of the Ugolyns... With Love
 9/10/2006  Kelly Jensen (Barnard)  I have been thinking of you lately and your family. Can't believe it has been so long since you have passed. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, your parents, and brother. I can see that awesome smile you gave to all. The court that was built in your name is beautiful. you would love it. So many young kids can play basketball there and be thankful. I will be stopping at your grave tomorrow. Miss you so much and may God continue to bless you and your family and the people who love you. I know you are always near and watching over us.
 9/10/2006  Scott Hinson  I pray each day that more people would embrace the spirit, appreciation for life and respect for others that you so embraced.
 9/8/2006  Faye Gamel  Ty, the dragonfly came in today. I searched and searched but he was nowhere to be found but I did see. Thank you. God bless. Love, Faye
 8/20/2006  Liz Matory  Tyler, I had the privilege of seeing Kat in July when I was in NY after taking the Bar. I didnt actually know her at school until after she graduated and moved in with a mutual friend, Angel. Kat is absolutely amazing, and I look forward to seeing her because I know I get to talk about you the whole time. After I graduated I fled NY. I became scared of it and moved back home to DC. Not like DC's any safer, but I had to leave all the memories. But of course, I found out quickly that you cant flee memories. Especially sincere ones. Kat told me about this site and I finally decided to write something. I am actually still a very sad person when it comes to the subject of losing you. For some reason or another we did not speak all of your senior year. Though your boys would always call me "Ty's Girl" when they passed me on campus, it saddens me deeply that you and I both know that I was never Ty's Girl. And perhaps that I my biggest regret. We all know that you are such a beautiful person, and I wholeheartedly miss your friendship. When Kirsten Malonoski told me of you working in WTC, I felt like I died that day. I have been living on auto-pilot ever since. Everything thing I do or see, I regret that you aren't able to partake in life anymore. When my brother got married and had I baby girl, I feel so sad that you aren't able to do the same. You would have been such an amazing father, and the "funnest" uncle ever. Sorry for being so long winded - but I do want you to know that I did find some solace continuing to go to St. Paul's when I was still in school. I still go to church but its not really the same. I miss Father V and all you boys. I do sometimes find comfort when I see your friends, especially Krug. We are not close at all, but he can do no wrong in my eyes because he loves you so much. Peace be with you, Tyler.
 8/9/2006  Jen Danyliw  I miss you Ty. Love to your family.
 8/7/2006  Ed Lavelle  God bless, I know how lonely today can be. It was good to have met you this morning. Our sons will share this date forever.
 8/7/2006  Faye Gamel  Ty, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday! Love, Faye
 7/20/2006  Kat Griffith  You've been on my mind a lot lately so I thought I would come back to this site. I had the best conversation with allegra the other night. It was refreshing in so many ways and we were laughing at your crazy antics. You, my friend, were one lucky guy to her watching your back. I'm still amazed at how amazing your friends from home and columbia really are. You were truly blessed and loved by so many. Also, a little shout because I know there would be no one more proud of your brother than you. He is taking on the Tuck tradition and I'm sure he'll do amazing in the classic Ugolyn style. As always, I miss and love you dearly.
 7/17/2006  Anonymous  Tyler is in a good place. I assure you.
 7/6/2006  Hathaway Ingraham  I have been thinking about you a lot. I am headed to NY this weekend. I love you and miss you everyday. Hap
 6/6/2006  Ryan Lumelleau  In my thoughts today for some reason my friend. Thanks for keeping an eye on us. I hope the whole Ugolyn family is doing well.
 6/5/2006  Faye Gamel  Ty, the new outdoor basketball court at RHS is awesome. Your in my prayers always. Love, Faye
 6/3/2006  Elisha  The court looks amazing Ty! Watch over those that play there...
 6/1/2006  Mike  #34, you're still an inspiration to so many. We're lucky to have known such an amazing person.
 5/31/2006  Fran Judkins  
 5/28/2006  Aunt Jeannette  Here I am again. Always think of you at this time of the year. You are always in my prayers. Love, J
 1/20/2006  Hathaway Ingraham  Tyler, You were in my dream the other night. I miss you and your great smile. Hap
 1/11/2006  Jeff Pearlman  Was just thinking about the story I wrote about Tyler. What a missed son/friend to so many ...
 12/21/2005  Jen Danyliw  Hey Ty, Been thinking about you - miss you. Love, Jen
 10/28/2005  Marlene Zipin  Was thinking of you a lot this week. Was talking about you with some friends, and thinking about your smile. Miss you and wish lots of love and good wishes to you and your family.
 10/26/2005  Merk  Hey Tyler-Yep, we're still breaking our syclones and typhoons. Miss you around the group.
 9/13/2005  Kate Bergquist  I am amazed at the pure love that comes from your life. You are a true blessing.
 9/12/2005  9.12.05  Ty, I was not able to reach a computer yesterday but that doesn't change the fact that you and your family were on my mind and close to my heart as always. Yesterday was a sunny day here in South Florida with some rain in the afternoon. There were sun showers where it is sunny and raining at the same time. After 9/11 I would never forget what it was really like to see the rain coming down on a sunny day as the song says. This country is continually facing trials and challenges both here and abroad. We need all the strength and courage we can muster to face these hard times and to keep moving forward. You are an inspiration in these tough times. Your laughter still rings true and the memories will never fade. Missing you, Love, Lynnsey
 9/12/2005  Hathaway Ingraham  Tyler, I was thinking about you yesterday. I have moved back to the Virgin Islands and for the first time in my life I am truly happy. I was boating yesterday and spent a lot of time looking out at the beautiful blue water and thinking of you and your amazing spirit. I love you and miss you.
 9/12/2005  Roya Vakil  I can't believe its been 4 years... I think of you always, when I see a nice smile, when I hear a warm laugh. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts and i miss you soo soo much.
 9/11/2005  Amanda Davis  Thinking of you-Ty, and your family, today and always. It's hard to believe it has been four years already...but I know that there is not a day that passes that you are not thought of and remembered by everyone's lives you touched. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Although I don't see the Ugolyns, or Trevor often-it doesn't mean you aren't all in my prayers. God Bless.
 9/11/2005  Cheryl Foster  Think of you Ty! I know you are with my mom looking down on me.
 9/11/2005  Elisha  I was at Ground Zero this morning Ty. It is a beautiful day! The sun dried my tears and somehow I felt like it was all going to be okay. In my thoughts...
 9/11/2005  Jackie Chu  Hey TY...Crazy how time flies so fast. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and your family today. You will always be missed and loved. I miss your wink and smile :)
 9/11/2005  Janice Gold  Thinking of the Ugolyn family on this day.... Jessi started Penn as a Ben Franklin Scholar (thanks for the help on Dartmouth) and Kim believe it or not started Yale med school in August! Tyler would be proud of his wall street buddy turned humanitarian!!! Still waiting for Tyler's horse to win some for the farm....Lots of love and good wishes....Janice Gold
 9/11/2005  Jason Davis  think of you often ty,i cant beleive it has been four years...im still trying to make my jump shot look as pretty as yours...thinking of you as well mr. and mrs. ugolyn and trevor...god bless
 9/11/2005  jessi gold  Always thinking of you... Thanks everything Mr. Ugolyn, I am at Penn, and I hope to live up to tyler's character and enthusiam in my own life..
 9/11/2005  Ken Lantigua  Hey there Tyler, thinking of you and your family today... hope everyone's doing well, miss you buddy!
 9/11/2005  Kim Gold  Thinking of you. Much love to the Ugolyns today, and always.
 9/11/2005  Raj Nair  miss you Ty
 9/11/2005  Sara Leinweaver (Jakubielski)  "Pretty Tyler." After all these years, you are in my prayers and thoughts every day. We are all truly blessed to have called you a friend.
 9/11/2005  Tamer Makary  TY, somehow you got me out of bed this morning thousands of miles away from my family and friends and I made it to mass...the beautful thing is that your spirit is just as accessible to me out here as it is with all the guys and gals on the East Coast...Today is your day and I needed to let you know I was thinking of you.
 9/10/2005  Andrea  I spent yesterday (9/9/05) with my 7th grade students at ERMS reflecting and remembering. I told them all about you, it makes getting through the anniversary easier. How has it been 4 years? They read the Sports Illustrated article. The boys were impressed and the girls thought you were cute, I wasn't all that surprised :) Last night I was in the city and stopped by Ground Zero. I could feel your presence, it made me smile, though bittersweet. xox Andrea
 9/10/2005  Lish Price  Well I've moved to NYC and I couldn't have picked a better place to live. I look out my bedroom window and I see Ground Zero. It's hard not to sit, stare and think about what has happened. I'll be there tomorrow morning...4 years later before I head to work. Just wanted to say I was thinking about you...
 9/9/2005  Liz Estrada  I have been thinking about you a lot recently. You are as close to me as ever and I love you dearly. You are with me still through every accomplishment (both large and small) in my life and you help guide me towards the right decisions. I had dinner with Trevor the other night and I could feel you with us. He is such a beautiful, strong, happy guy - we laughed and told stories about you. You make me smile each time I think about you, which has been quite often. I just moved and found a whole box of our pictures. I had put them away, knowing that one day I would be able to look at them and reminisce, and that day came. You brought (and still bring) so much joy to my life. Your laughter is in my heart constantly. I love you.
 8/23/2005  Chip Karnolt  I used to babysit Tyler when he was a toddler, as we lived on the same street in Granby CT. A very happy, smiley little boy from what I remember.
 8/7/2005  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Happy Birthday Ty Miss you. Love always, Lynnsey
 8/1/2005  The Suffredini's  Ty, we think about you often.
 7/31/2005  J & G Lauretti  Hi Ty Just wanted to let you know that you are in our hearts and prayers. We are always reminded of the happy times when we look back at photos. Love always, J & G
 7/26/2005  Mike Ciarcia  I came across your profile in a book at the library the other day. My brothers were better frinds of yours, but you know how that is - brothers of brothers. Your crew hasn't forgotten about you.
 7/5/2005  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Ty, You have been on my mind constantly these past few days. I miss you. All my love, Lynnsey
 4/9/2005  Jeannie Ammermann  Ty, I would love to help keep your memory alive.. just as I continue to help preserve the life and legacy of all who were lost that horrible day. Please visit our humble organization. We promise to honor you forever, to pay tribute to you forever. The world misses you, even those who never knew you. You are an angel now, just as you always were... www.911memorialquilts.com
 4/4/2005  Lama Kanazeh  TY, right about now you and Krug would be dangling out of KDR's windows with your supersoakers waiting to drench the next innocent pedestrian that crossed your path (..often your targets were females wearing white t-shirts but that just might be coincidence...) I'll soon start lobbying for "Kick the Donkey" to be recognized Jordan's national sport. Until then, we love and miss you down here.
 3/25/2005  Lynnsey E. Eakin  missing you...
 3/8/2005  Hathaway Ingraham  Tyler I miss you more than words can express. You were one of my first friends at college and that never changed. There is not a day that I do not think of you and look at the pictures. I will never forget all of the great times, expecially the weekend on Philly. There is so much that I want to tell you and I find myself writing to you. I am so grateful for having been able to call you a friend. I love you and miss you always.
 12/21/2004  Dave Friedman  thinking of you and inspired by you.
 12/11/2004  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Not a day goes by...
 12/2/2004  Tamer O  I had a 40 of OE the other day. Yeah, I know I'm 3 years out of college. Anyway, thought of you half way through it. I poured some. Missing you bro.
 10/20/2004  Jennifer Keeney  Ty, I think of you and your family all the time and continue to be inspired by your life. You will always live on in our hearts.
 10/6/2004  James Burke  I was on a road trip this weekend, and I stopped by the beautiful St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was my profound honor to say a prayer and light a candle in your memory before the altar of La Conquistadora, Our Lady of Conquering Love. I never had the privilege of meeting you, but I continue to be humbly and sincerely inspired by the life you led, and by the love and devotion of your family and friends. May God bless you all.
 9/17/2004  Matt Lumlleau  Tyler I was down at ground zero ther other day saying hello to you and paying respects all that have fallen. I am working down the street in my dreem job and it is hard not to think of you. It was the three year anniversary of 9/11/01 and I was standing thinking of you at Silver Spring in the summer. When I heard someone talking about a Typhoon I paid attention and moved closer only to hear your story being read to a large crowd from the voices of 9/11. All I could think of was speeding through Parks and Rec with you at town tourney when I was a sophmore at RHS. I did not know whether to smile or cry so I did both. You were an inspiration and role model for me as a kid. You were always the one who had it all and could have let it all get to your your head. You never did let it get to your head though you were an incredible young man. Mr. and Mrs Ugolyn, Trevor and Tyler you are forever in my prayers. God Bless you, and God Bless America!
 9/13/2004  Victoria Danberg  Diane and Victor, Our family knew Tyler from Columbia, where he and our son Andrew were classmates and close friends. We have shared many wonderful stories about Tyler over our dinner table. He and Andrew were fellow athletes and spent many hours studying econ together. We often think of you and want you to know how fortunate we feel to have known Tyler. We would love to meet you one day. I recognize the photo of Tyler on his graduation day, as I took this photo. The friend with his arm around Tyler is Andrew. Our thoughts are with you always.
 9/12/2004  J & G Lauretti  Love and prayers to you and your family as we remember that fateful day when our world turned upside down and so many loved ones were lost. Nothing will ever be the same again. Jeannette & George
 9/12/2004  jason davis  Ty, thinking about you and your family...god bless
 9/11/2004  Andrea  Ty, somehow three years have gone by and sometimes it still seems like yesterday when I heard the news. Since that day you pass through my thoughts and prayers often. May God bless you and your family and give them the strength to carry on.
 9/11/2004  Brad Blosat  Hey Ty, Since 3 years ago, you have never escaped my mind. You constantly run through my thoughts, and forever are in my prayers. I still talk about you constantly. I see your brother from time to time, and he is growing up to be just like you...you are a great role model to have for him, and all of us. Thank you Ty! All my love and thoughts and prayers with the Ugolyn's! I love you man! -Brad
 9/11/2004  Chris Read  Thinking about you today as always Ty. Thanks for looking over all of us, God bless you and your family.
 9/11/2004  Elisha  Ty - You are always in my thoughts, more then I ever thought possible!! And it always brings tears to my eyes reading such a caring and loving guestbook. Thanks for watching over us Ty!
 9/11/2004  Janice Gold  Thinking of all of you today. A big hug....keep up the wonderful work you are doing in Tyler's name...
 9/11/2004  K.J. Klein  Ty, we miss you. G-d bless you and your family. Truly, KJ
 9/11/2004  Kelly Jensen  Ty, Each day i try to live my life like you would..always for the now. I got married a month ago to Chris and knew you were upon us guiding us. It is nice to know you are not faw away to answer a prayer or help with a problem. You are truly an angel. God bless you, the other victims, your faimly and their families today and everyday.
 9/11/2004  Ken Lantigua  Hey Tyler, Thinking about you and your family today... miss you buddy. Ken
 9/11/2004  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Ty, I can't believe it has been 3 years as of today. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today and always. Miss you. I promise I will NEVER forget. God Bless America. Lynnsey
 9/1/2004  Lynnsey E. Eakin  The time passes and the years are far but the memories are forever close in my heart, Love, Lynnsey
 8/20/2004  Jen Danyliw  Miss you Ty - always in my thoughts
 8/15/2004  HJN  Ty, Trev is doing so well. I am sure you are so proud. You have taken such good care of him. He has grown to be a remarkable young man. Your life, light, and love shines so brightly through him. Thank you for being with him forever and always. You are so missed... please know you are in my thoughts every day. XXOO
 8/7/2004  Lynnsey Eakin  Happy Birthday Ty. You and your family are in my heart and prayers today and always. Miss you. Love forever, Lynnsey
 8/4/2004  MP  There are times in our lives when you realize your own mortalityÖ Today I lost someone close to me, and I still think about you. Even in the loss of my uncle I still think about your life and your sacrifice. Thank you for being youÖ You will always remain in my heart no matter where I go or what I do.
 7/13/2004  Brad Blosat  Hey Ty, You are always on my mind, but tonight I was thinking about you alot, just thought I would write and tell you I was thinking of you. I love you man!
 7/13/2004  Kat  I couldn't help but think of you as I settle into my new job and new apartment here in NYC. It seems like just yesterday you and Krug were going through all the emotions of graduation, first jobs, and getting your first -ridiculoulsy expensive shoe-box in the city- apartment. I still can't believe how the time has flown by. I check this site every once in a while and it's clear that you are still alive and well in the hearts and memories of all who knew you (and even those who didn't). Missin that superman smile.
 7/10/2004  kirk  Ty Thank you for the visits in my dreams, even though they never last long enough. It warms me to know that you are still by.
 7/5/2004  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Ty, Happy Independence Day 2004. You and your family are in my prayers always. Lynnsey
 6/26/2004  J. Lauretti  Hi Ty Just wanted you to know that you are still thought of often and will always be close in our hearts and prayers. Love, Auntie J
 5/29/2004  Andrea  Ty- I was at the cemetery yesterday and the vets were out placing flags for memorial day. As a vet walked over to your grave, he handed me the flag to place in the ground. I can't tell you how very proud and sad I felt at that moment. Always in my thoughts.....
 5/23/2004  lynnsey  Ty, To this very second you remain just as close as ever ...my memories...I take time to keep them real.. love always, Lynnsey
 4/13/2004  Faye  Thinking of you always. Love, Faye
 4/2/2004  Jeff Lauretti  Well my son Aidan Tyler Lauretti is a year old now. My sons middle name is in honor of Tyler. I must say everytime I call him by his full name I think of Tyler. Soon I can explain to my son where his name comes from. It will be a happy day and a sad day. Happy becuase it gives me a chance to talk about Tyler and the family we are apart off. Sad becuase I'll have to explain how cruel the world can be.
 3/22/2004  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Ty, Always close to my heart. Love ya. Lynnsey
 2/26/2004  Chi Mgbako  I graduated with Tyler from Columbia in '01. Tyler and I never met, but today, more than two years after 9/11, I find myself thinking of him -- this person that I never knew. When we all graduated from Columbia in 2001, we were filled with such hope for our futures. I promise to live out my hopes partly in honor of all of Tyler's dreams. I pray for future blessings to his family.
 2/3/2004  Tamer  Yo TY..they got two go carts on mars. I dont think we did too well on the mars section of Intro to Space, maybe its because we didnt know there was going to be a party there. Well, actually, its probably because we never studied for it. Thank God for Jonas. I'm not quit sure how I would have passed. Just thinking of you man! Happy New Year
 1/27/2004  Lynnsey  Ty, You continue to guide me in finding my life's work and to uphold the promise I made to you to never forget... I was recently afforded the honor of a seat on the Steering Committee for a project aimed at reducing the psychological trauma including fear, stress and anxiety resulting from the elevated threats of terror in our post-9/11 society. I promise to live and work in the name of peace, freedom and liberty for all people. Thank you for seeing me through to this point...Love always, Lynnsey
 1/27/2004  Tiger  Hey Ty, Just going over some Columbia stuff and of course you are there to remind me that it's been a while since I posted. Of course I have been thinking of you from time to time and I am sure you have heard my prayers and thoughts at these times. Much love from me and all the soccer boys. Rest in peace my brother. You are always alive in our hearts, minds, and souls. Ti
 12/26/2003  Faye  You will always be in my heart.
 12/26/2003  Lynnsey E. Eakin  In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season there is a quite moment reserved for thoughts of you where the world is still, the night sky is crisp and clear and the heavenly twinkle of the stars echoes the lights on the seasonís trees and it is in this stillness that I stare out the window and a tear falls mimicking the snow flakesÖ in joy, love and remembrance of you. Thoughts and prayers and love always, Lynnsey
 12/6/2003  Reid Murphy  You are in my prayers mi ombre during the holiday season... I know this is a tough time of year for the Ugolyn family but know Ty's spirit is bright and his presence is a constant... Strength and Honor
 12/4/2003  Lynnsey E. Eakin  Ty-Thinking of you and your family throughout the holiday season. I rejoice in the knowledge that the joy of the season was kept alive in your heart and shared with others all year round. Love always, Lynnsey
 11/28/2003  Faye  Keeping you in my prayers. Love, Faye
 11/4/2003  Lynnsey Eakin  Ty-All the beauty in the world is a reminder of you.
 10/10/2003  Faye  Ty, No matter how tough I think things are going I always know your watching over us and everything is going to be okay. Your always in my heart and prayers. Love, Faye
 9/24/2003  Reid Murphy  I am currently engaged in the war against terrrorism (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Ty is my inspiration for this deployment and he is in my thoughts daily. Strength and honor...
 9/22/2003  Lish Price  Ty - Everytime I sign onto your website I find myself tearing up at all the great things everyone has to say. You are in our hearts and lives forever! We all miss you!
 9/16/2003  Chris Read  Man I wish I kew about this website much sooner, there isn't a day that goes by without me thinking about you. It kills me that I let our friendship fade away. My right knee bears the scars of my motorcycle accident I got into following you down you road, but my heart bears the biggest scar of all. I miss you my friend. Everytime I think about you tears come to my eyes, but knowing your unreplaceable smile is looking down on us gives my heart and mind a little ease. Love you Ty.
 9/15/2003  Jamie Bunyan  Hey Ty- Although I didn't know you personally, I have known your brother for many years. You should be very proud of him... He has learned so much from you and continues to look to you for guidance. Whenever I see Trevor, the first thing I recognize is his ability to love... something I believe he learned from watching his older brother. To the Ugolyns- I send my love and support. Trev- I love u kiddo. Much Love, Jamie "When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly." 9/11/01- Never forget...
 9/14/2003  Jesse  Ty chased his dreams, lived his dreams, and always tried to do the right thing. He who nobly lives shall nobly die. I love you Ty.
 9/14/2003  marsha davis  I was saddened as I thought of you and your family this week. You are all in my prayers everyday. Tyler was such a shining example of all that is good in the world. He always had a smile and a hello , and time to chat whenever I would run into him in Ridgefield. I know that Diane, Victor, and Trevor still draw on his strength , and know that he is watching over you all. Please know that not a day goes by that I don't say a prayer for your family.. Diane, I am so sorry I never got by to see you for a walk or coffee.. The note you sent comforted me.. when you were the one who needed comforting. Tyler will always be alive in the hearts of all who knew him. GOD BLESS.Marsha Davis
 9/13/2003  Janice Gold  We finally found the "spirited" horse to give the name you always spoke with Kim about. "Tiger Style" is in training and hopefully will run a good race for you someday soon. "Tyler Dreams" was also named on your behalf in recognition of your times at the farm.
 9/12/2003  Ellen Gustafson  Tyler, thanks for your great legacy. In remembering you especially today, and reading all of your moving tributes- you motivate me to get myself to church on Sunday and get my atrophied jump-shot back on the basketball court! Thanks for the little push. Prayers always for the Ugolyn family and all of Tyler's many friends.
 9/12/2003  Kelly B  Ty, I consider you my guardian angel that has listned and answered my prayers and the prayers of others. Your smile is shining upon us and we all love and miss you dearly. I love that smile! Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor you are all constantly in my prayers and I love you. "Keep the faith."
 9/12/2003  Lisa Zebrowski  Ty, you've been on my mind so much lately. Last night, I went to St. Patrick's and lit a candle for you, but I think I really needed to light that candle for all of us that you left behind. You will always be missed, Ty.
 9/12/2003  Liz Estrada  I miss you so much Tyler. I can hear your laughter..."he he he", your soft voice calling me "baby girl", I can still feel the softness of your hair, I can still see your shining baby blue eyes. It's been over two years, and you are very much alive in my heart. Yesterday was so sad for all of us. Tears flowed from our hearts and souls, wishing only to see you once more, wishing to get one of those hugs from you that make the world disappear. You are our angel, continuing to guide us and give us strength like you always have. I'm so happy when you visit me in my dreams- sometimes I can't wait to fall asleep. Keep shining up there- we all need your strength and guidance every day in this crazy world. Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor- I have wanted to call or write but I have misplaced your number. I want you to know you are in my daily prayers, and that I am here for you every day, especially on difficult days like yesterday and his birthday. Tyler was the wonderful man he was because of you. The love you have in your family and all around you is rare and precious. You are an example to us all. I love you.
 9/11/2003  Amanda Davis  Although it's been two years..You and your family have never left my thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of you especially today. I can still remember in high school at RHS..Trevor and I used to sit in the stands and watch you and Jay, "our big brother's," play basketball. You will forever be missed. Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor-You are in my prayers. God Bless.
 9/11/2003  Brad Blosat  Hey Ty, Well another year has gone by, and you are always in my mind. Your family is constantly in my prayers as well as yourself. I have obviously been thinking alot about you, especially today. Mom heard your name being read. I said a special prayer for you at my school's ceremony today. Thank you for helping me through a lot of stuff throughout this past year. Keep on smiling, as I do when I think of you! I Love You Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor. I love you Ty!
 9/11/2003  Chris Rice  
 9/11/2003  Jen Danyliw  Ty - You are always in my thoughts. I miss you.
 9/11/2003  Jessi Gold  I can not believe two years have gone by. Although I did not know you..The impact you had on my sister's life makes an impact on me. I wish I could have known you, but I will never forget the one time I talked to you ont he phone and you told me not to do drugs. I wore the bracelet I made in honor of you for the 3rd time. You are a hero in my heart..and will be remembered forever. Much love to your family and your brother.
 9/11/2003  Jonathan Fischer  
 9/11/2003  Kate Purdy  Thinking about you keeping you and all that loved you in my prayers. What an amazing gift you where to this world.
 9/11/2003  Kathy  Ty, I think about you every day and of all the good times our families shared over the years. One memory leads to another... and another... and when we start talking, even more come to mind. You and Trev will always be a huge part of the good times! Love you all. Kathy
 9/11/2003  Ken Lantigua  Hey hey Tyler, Dominiclean checking in here... Just wanted to let you know that we're all thinking about you and your family, and missing you more than ever (can't believe it's been two years). I was telling one of my work friends about you last night, and it brought back a lot of good memories. And I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that when Nihal went to Paris, of all the things he could have gotten me, he brought me back a Mr. Clean t-shirt in honor of the great saying you started back at Kim's fun farm... haha, somethings never change. Miss ya buddy, and I hope you're family's doing well!
 9/11/2003  Kim Gold  I cannot believe it has been over two years since the last time I saw your face or heard your voice. We miss you terribly, and let me be the first to say that no farm party has been the same without you. No one can compensate for the life and energy you brought to my life. I miss you. All of my love to you and your family.
 9/11/2003  Liz Estrada  I miss you so much Tyler. I hear your laughter..."he he he"...your soft calming voice, "hey baby girl"...I can feel your arms around me, I can smell your hair and clothes, you are very much alive in my heart and in my own private world. Not a single day goes by where I don't talk to you. You continue to give me the strength and guidance you always did. Some nights I can't wait to fall asleep because I know you'll come to me in my dreams and I'll be able to see your smile again. We are all in tears today, and those tears come from our hearts and our souls, wishing only to see you once more, wishing to receive one of those hugs from you that make the whole world disappear. Mr. and Mrs. Ugolyn and Trevor: I wanted to call today but I have misplaced your number and your address. I want you to know you are in my daily prayers, and I want you to know I am here for you every day, especially the days like this and his birthday. Tyler was an example to all of us on how to live. I truly believe he looks down on us every day to make sure we're all okay. I know you all know this, but if you close your eyes and talk to him, he's there. He'll always be within reach in God's hands for you. His family was everything to him, and he knew how much love was between all of you. May your family continue to be strong and look above to God and to Tyler for answers. We love you.
 9/11/2003  Lynnsey Eakin  Ty, You and your family are in my prayers today and always. Love you. God Bless America
 9/11/2003  Marlene Zipin  Tyler, I will never forget you. Thanks for making me laugh and smile. As a cheerleader, I will always remember cheering for you on the sidelines of the basketball court. You were a truely amazing player and person. You and your family are in my prayers everyday, especially today. I will never forget you.
 9/11/2003  Mico  my thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family, today, and always. god bless.
 9/11/2003  Nihal Godiwala  Big Tyger, you'd be proud of me, kid. i'm up in Beantown with kimmy studying away to be a doctor. tough road, but i'm used to it by now. and you'd also be happy to know that i'm still using the pump-fake, up and under on all these fools up in boston. they just don't know how we did it back at CU! anyways, keep smiling on us, and keep laughing at all of the stupid stuff we keep gettin' ourselves into down here. We miss you! - Nihal
 9/11/2003  Tamer  I was just sitting here at work thinking about what day it is. I thought of you TY. Two years have gone by, the world is in chaos and I still can't believe it happened. The one thing that hasn't changed though is the smile you put on everyone face when they saw you. You will always be missed and loved.
 9/10/2003  Chris Bodnar  Hey Ty. The last time I saw you I could not have guessed that I would be living in Mississippi and that your Sports Illustrated article would be the main focus of my lesson to my 8th graders tomorrow. This is my attempt to stick to the cirriculum, while at the same time exposing my students to a more personal view of September 11th, since few of them have ever left the Mississippi Delta and none have ever been to New York. I know you'll be smiling down on our entire classroom tomorrow...... and Ty, make sure you remember we're playing another few innings innings of Homerun Derby when I make it to Heaven one day... you can still bat first.
 9/10/2003  Mike Einzig  Ty : It has been almost 2 years and you have been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately. I just want to say it was an honor and a privelege knowing you and you will always be remembered. I will never forget the New Years Eves spent in NYC; or the last time we played golf, you explained to me some of your unofficial golf rules. I told the story to my dad last time we played. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
 9/8/2003  Faye  Ty, I just wanted to say we love and miss you. Love, Faye
 9/4/2003  Erin Firman  I only met Tyler a handful of times while at Columbia, but he was a wonderful, intelligent, gifted person that will be forever missed. God bless him and his family.
 8/23/2003  Kelly B  Ty: Well It has been a while since I have written. but I have thought of you everyday including your birthday. I know you have heard my prayers and helped me. Happy belated birthday, miss and love you.
 8/14/2003  Jennifer Keeney  Ty, happy birthday one week late. We think about you all the time.
 8/7/2003  Faye Gamel  Dear Ty, You are always in my heart and prayers. Happy Birthday. Love, Faye
 8/7/2003  Lynnsey Eakin  Ty, Happy Birthday. Miss you. Love, Lynnsey
 7/3/2003  Lynnsey Eakin  July 4th...We celebrate freedom with time for reflection...Miss you. Love, Eakin
 6/9/2003  Cheryl Foster  Dear Tyler, I still think about you every day. I miss you always. Cheryl
 5/28/2003  Nick Divakaruni  I moved away from Ridgefield about 7 years ago, having lived there for 13 years. I rode the bus to school with Tyler and Trevor (I lived in the gray house on the intersection of Oscaleta and Pumping Station). I'm pretty sure I played baseball with Trevor and was his catcher everytime he pitched in AAA ball. Anyway, I had a dream last night, and don't ask me how, but Mrs. Ugolyn's Jeep Wagoneer with the wood trim showed up in my dream, with Tyler and Trevor in the backseat. I decided to look up their names on the internet today, to see what they were up to. Little did I know about what had happened. I remember Tyler's roaring laugh from the bus. I remember his smile. I cannot say that Tyler and I kept in touch, but he definitely graced my presence enough to be in my dream 7 years later. I am truly saddened by your loss. Tyler, for those of us who barely knew you, we still remember you. If only we could all be so lucky as to have a fraction of the impact you must have had on so many other people. God Bless. Nick Divakaruni.
 5/26/2003  Jeannette & George L  It's hard to believe that a year has passed since you were laid to rest. You and the family are always in our prayers and thoughts. In March we had a new grandson and we were very pleased that our son and daughter-in-law have remembered you in his middle name, Tyler. We can only hope that he grows up into a young man as fine as you. An inspiration to so many. Love to your Mom, Dad, Trevor, Grandmothers and the rest of the family.
 5/22/2003  Lynnsey Eakin  Ty, Missing you. When it is hardest I close my eyes and drift off to memories of your laughter...and I hear you. Love you. Eakin
 5/21/2003  James Greene, Jr.  Tyler, our paths did not cross at all in Ridgefield, which is unfortunate, based on everything I've read here. Rest in peace. We'll get acquainted when it's my time.
 5/20/2003  Gaye Reissland  Tyler will never be forgotten in the hearts of those who loved him and those he came in contact with. Now he will always be remembered by those of us here in Columbus, Ohio at Holy Rosary St. John, who never had the pleasure of meeting Tyler in person. Fr. Dennis Dillon gave a beautiful homily about Tyler and his life of unselfish service to those in need. His spirit of kindness and compassion will continue to live on through our service to others here.
 5/20/2003  Ruth M Keels  The Pastor from Holy Rosary/St.John gave me a flier to check you out. I haven't seen the mural yet, but am anticipating doing so. I am an amature artist, starting to sell paintings, so art is always my interest. Father had all good things to say about you and your work.
 5/12/2003  Carrie Land  You're always in my thoughts.
 4/30/2003  Jordana Goldstein  You're always on my mind Ty. The RHS reunion was fun, but incomplete because you weren't there. But you were there in spirit, and I knew it. Keep looking down on us because we need you around somehow.
 4/6/2003  John Ryan, Jr.  
 3/29/2003  kari  I am reading the book "Portraits 9/11/01" from cover to cover. It is my small gift I can give to family and friends who have lost someone in the attacks. To be honest Tyler's internet pages are the first pages I decided to look up on the internet. He seems like a great guy. Truely saddened by your loss.
 3/14/2003  Greg Finley ( 2nd Cousin)  I really don't know what to say? Just wanted to drop by
 1/29/2003  taegen  ty, for some reason you have been visiting me in my dreams lately, perhaps it is just to let me know that you really are looking after all of us who still love you, or you just want to say hi. it has been awhile since i came to this website and now i know why...you are awesome and everyone you know yearns for your company. thank you for showing us this awesome gift. you never stray far from my thoughts. i owe you more than you will ever know.love taegen
 1/7/2003  faye  Dearest Ty, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. We all miss you so much. Love,Faye
 12/12/2002  Tamer Obied  Hey T Remember astronomy with Professor Liu Whatever happened to the Egyptian Native American Polish Foundation and the freshmen in that class? Was the first time I really got to know you. You are truly one who brought a smile to everyones face. Keepin you in my prayers
 12/12/2002  Tom Pesce  Hey, Ty! When we were little, I always used to think you were the coolest thing on Cardinal Court. You were! I always wished I had a brother and that was what you were like to me. I read all these messages from your friends in college and it doesn't surprise me to hear how much you impacted their lives. You were doing that for me since you were 6 years old. In recent years I don't think you realized how much I still looked up to you. No matter how sound asleep I was at 1AM, hearing the Typhoon roll by my house was always comforting. I miss that. Please look over Trev and your parents. We all admire you so much and it has been so hard. I remember the last time I saw you, when I was at Carvel in August. You rolled up and gave me a hug, told me about your new job, and wished me luck in the school year. I walked away from your car telling my friend what an awesome kid you were. You are the best, Ty and you are still the coolest thing on Cardinal Court. I love you.
 12/9/2002  Nick Carrier  Just putting up his wiffle ball record. We were all playing one day and he hit 7 homeruns in 7 at bats. Miss ya TY
 11/22/2002  Jalen  A great person who is incredibly loved and missed.
 11/7/2002  katherine griffith  Hey T, I've been lighting candles in all the churches I visit here in Italy. Just want you to know that your family and friends will be in my heart and prayers (as always) when I visit the Vatican and St. Peters this weekend. Still missing you every day.
 10/26/2002  Joe Catsam  I only knew Tyler for one year before he graduated, but in that short amount of time I realized what a great person and friend he was to so many people. He'll be missed by all.
 10/3/2002  Andrea  Ty- I think of you always. I have tried countless times to think of things to say to you, but I don't know if I can truly express how I feel in words. Just know that you are missed and loved so much. And though I'll never forget that smile of yours, I just wish I could see it one last time. xoxox Andrea
 10/3/2002  Fr. Michael K. Jones  Saying Mass for you tomorrow October 4, Feast of St. Francis of Assis, in the Chapel of the Casa Santa Maria in Rome, after returning from Assisi. Say a prayer for me!
 10/2/2002  Jennifer, Cory, Walter, Leslie  Dear Victor and Diane,hope all is well. Victor it was good to see you. Please stay in touch. Love- 10/02/02
 9/30/2002  Jennifer Keeney  It's amazing that a year has already passed. I think of you every day and try to live by the example you set. I like to visit this site often to read the other notes - it's inspiring to see how your life affected so many people. It makes me feel so grateful to have known you.
 9/17/2002  Cheryl Foster  Dear tyler, i think about you every day. i wish I could see you and hug you again. watch over me from heaven. I love you.
 9/13/2002  Jackie  TY- What can I say? I can't believe a year has passed. Somethings are just so hard to describe and put into words, especially when it comes to a such an extraordinary person. I will never forget your smile, eyes, laugh, your "baby girl" line, "I love women" T-shirt, and you pointing to your cheek for a kiss. Whenever I think of you, I can't help but laugh and smile. Thank you for the memories. I am so blessed to have known such a friendly, caring, and loving person. You touched my heart and will forever live there. You are so loved and missed. Much love Jackie
 9/13/2002  Jackie Mercer  I was never lucky enough to know such an extraordinary person as it is apparent that Tyler was. I only know of him what I hear from Kim G. and what I read here. What strikes me more than anything, is the sheer number of people that he inspired and connected with. One cannot ask for much more than that. My prayers are with all of his friends and family. Tyler's life will always live on in everyone's hearts- including my own. God bless.
 9/13/2002  Roya  TY--your distinct sly giggle and tyler smile will remain with me forever (and you wondered why all the girlies stalked you?) Together we gave new meaning to the phrase "it aint easy bein cheesy"...thank you for always proving to me that there ARE amazing guys out there. If I can touch people's lives a fraction of the way you touched mine, I will have succeeded in this life. You're in good company right now, but i'm gonna come looking for those big arms and that warm smile one day, so get ready. So to my one and only barry really white, i leave u with this for now: cheers for a life well lived, thank you and i love you.
 9/12/2002  Brad Blosat  Ty, It has been 1 year man, and the thought of you never leaves my mind. Every day you suddenly appear in my head, and I am suddenly overcome with a smile. I thank you for everything you have done, and really miss you. To the Family, you have always been in my prayers, and will continue to be. I love you. I love you too, Ty.
 9/12/2002  Christa Ball  Tyler, I never was lucky enough to meet such a amazing person like yourself but although I did not know you I miss you everyday. Your in my thoughts and your family is in my prayers every passing day. I have now come to realize that not only were you amazing but so are your friends and family. Never in my life have I met such a group of wonderful people. Thank God for people like you. Although you are dearly missed we know that your are watching and smiling down on all. Thank your for all you did and for being someone I consider one of my heros.
 9/12/2002  Dia Perry  Yesteday at the Fort Myers memorial service, we were given red hearts with names on them for special remembrance. I was given Tyler's. I am a mother of a young, handsome, 6'4' son, and Tyler is now very special to me too. Just wanted all of Tyler's family and friends to know that down in Florida is one more person who holds them up in prayer. God bless you and give you the strength you need to face each day. Dia Perry homemaker/missionary Alva, Florida
 9/12/2002  Elisha Price  I came to this website only a few hours ago and since then the visitor count has grown more than 100 hits. Amazing! As for my thoughts...I've been a pilot for the airlines out of LaGuardia over the past year and not a day goes by that I don't fly over NYC or Columbia University. These views bring thoughts of Tyler to my mind and I can't help but think of him looking over all of us. It's great to see his spirit still shines in those of us who were lucky enough to know him and even those who weren't. You're in my thoughts forever Tyler.
 9/12/2002  J. Moros  Though we never knew each other, just rmeember - a life not long enough, yours will be cherised for infinity.
 9/12/2002  Keili  I was blessed to have yours as one of only a few RHS faces to appear after Ridgefield was only a memory. Your passion for life and all of its experiences was contagious, Ty, and lives on in all who love you still.
 9/12/2002  Mary Lou Pambianchi  It's hard to believe a year has gone by.My prayers are always with you and your family.It will be a day I will never foget,for every time I enterTims room I see your face in that grreat picture at graduation.I also will never forget because it is Tims birthday so I will alwaays say a prayer for you. Love MRs. Pambianchi
 9/12/2002  Nihal Godiwala  T.Y. I'm so fortunate to have gotten to know you from our miserable experiences in Music Hum to the much better times outside the CU classrooms. Thanks for schooling me in our blue gym pick up games, thanks for all the laughs, thanks for all the memories. You still have a bigger heart than anyone i've ever met. You 'da man, tigerstyle. Play on... Thanks to the Ugolyn family for sharing Tyler with all of us. God Bless. - nihal cc'02
 9/11/2002  Aaron Schiller  I feel fortunate just to be missing you.
 9/11/2002  Barbara Hyman  I am Dani Gee's mom, in Richmond, VA. I called her today (9/11) when I saw Tyler's name scroll across the screen on CNN. I knew she would be remembering him and feeling sad. Our whole family has felt your loss through her - the fact that she knew someone who lost his life, especially someone so young, made our national trajedy more real to us. Dani's older sister also went to high school (here in Richmond)with a young man who worked in the World Trade Center for Cantor Fitzgerald; he was 27. It's all so unbelievable. I did not have the opportunity to meet Tyler, but know, through Dani, that he was very special. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today.
 9/11/2002  Brenda Orrell  Tyler, I never knew you, but have heard so many things about you through Faye, my best friend. Your passing brought sorrow to many people and you are greatly missed. But they will find joy in having known and loved you; you will live on in their hearts through their memories, and the life you lived on this earth. Watch over them and light upon their shoulders when they need to feel your presence, and peace be with you.
 9/11/2002  Brian  I live my life with yours in mind.
 9/11/2002  Cheryl Bruno  Tyler, God Bless you and your family forever!!
 9/11/2002  Ellen Gustafson  I send my thoughts to Tyler's family and innumerable friends. Thanks to Kim G., I see a great picture of his smiling face every day when I get home from work. Tyler is still very much alive in memories- from KDR to Kim's farm parties- happy memories which turn his legacy into a source of inspiration for many. God Bless.
 9/11/2002  Heather Breen  God bless you and your family. You brought me back to the Church because of your example and the faith you have evoked in others. You continue to inspire...
 9/11/2002  Jason Bourdeau  Tyler- We played against each other when I went to Immaculate High School. You were a great athlete and competitor. It was an honor reading about you and all your accomplishments. God Bless Your Family. Jason Bourdeau (9/11/02)
 9/11/2002  Jason Streem  Thinking of you today Ty.
 9/11/2002  Jen Danyliw  Time does not make things easier. I think of you everyday and miss you so much. I love you Ty and cherish each day that I knew you. I will never say goodbye because you live on in my heart, dreams, and through all those you touched.
 9/11/2002  Jeni  Cool site! Keep up the good work!
 9/11/2002  K.J. Klein  Tyler, you are missed very much, and you will never be forgotten. My prayers go out to you and and your family. I wrote an article about you that was published today: http://www.kurdmedia.com/reports.asp?id=1039
 9/11/2002  KB  A year goes by so quickly...and in that year scattered moments thought of you and all that you gave to everyone you touched. You passed it on, so that we could remember what to hold onto when you left. God is with us, because you always Lived in Him.
 9/11/2002  Kelly Barnard  Today has been a year and we all miss you. I hope your wings have taken you where you have desired. Your smile, laughter, and love live on here as you watch over us. My prayers are with and the Ugolyns and the rest of us still healing.
 9/11/2002  Ken Lantigua  Ty - I didn't realize how difficult today would be, and how fresh the memories still are... all I can do is echo all of the great things that everyone has already written about you, and let you know that you will always be in our hearts, prayers, and fondest of memories .. we know you're in a better place, but we still miss ya buddy - "Dominiclean"
 9/11/2002  Lindsay  Hey Ty. You are always in our hearts. Miss you. Love Lup
 9/11/2002  Lynnsey Eakin  Ty, It's been a year and the message is more than clear..we will not live in fear..our freedom is much too dear... we will not tolerate terror..that would be a fatal error...we will never forget or we shall ever regret...those evil people will pay yet
 9/11/2002  Lynnsey Eakin  We will never forget, we will never fail, America will prevail!! Love you Ty
 9/11/2002  Matt  Thinking of you today man. Miss you. Tell my dad I said hi. Charles Hill. He taught me that sweet baby-hook in the lane. You remember. Never forget you Ty. Much love.
 9/11/2002  Matthew Beeney  To all of Tyler's friends and families, my thoughts and prayers are with you on this anniversary of his tragic loss. May he continue to watch over all of you.
 9/11/2002  Mia  Through everyone who knew you, you continue to live everyday.
 9/11/2002  MK LaRosa  Ty....its been 1 year...and i still thank God every day for how lucky i am to have a friend you. To Trev and your parents - you will always be in my prayers love always and forever, MK
 9/11/2002  Nicole  At 8:46 this morning, as the children around me sang, "God Bless America," I held your picture to my heart. Not a day goes by that you and your family do not cross my mind. Every time I am in church I look to where you would always sit with your family, you are still there. In the airport once, I ran into you, you were on your way to visit Ron in Gainseville. You came right over, extended your hand, and said, "I'm Tyler, from high school, do you remember me?" I will always remember you Tyler, every day of my life.
 9/11/2002  ss  Tyler you will always be remembered as an amazing beautiful person who changed lives. You will be forever missed.
 9/11/2002  Susie Woerner  Your story of faith is shared today with my 7th grade religion class. Another class of 8th graders will hear you poem. Thank you for your faith example that can be shared with everyone. Prayers will be offered in your memory and for your family.
 9/11/2002  Taylor  Tyler, I met you briefly when youm bought the typoon from me. But i could tell you were a special person. My brother even mentioned how impressed he was when he met you. I have thought of you and your family many times in the last year. I wish them the best in these difficult times. I often tell people the story of how Bill's friend chased you when you were test driving the typoon. He thought you stole it. I'm glad it gave you such pleasure. I can't imagine all of the pain your family and friends are going through. I hardly knew you and it is difficult for me. I wish them all the best and I feel for their loss.
 9/11/2002  VCO   What I hate the most, is that there won't be any new memories... We can't complain about Ron, chill with Derek Jeter, or complain about Ron... Miss you everyday.
 9/11/2002  Violet  A year ago today and it feels like it was just yesterday. You're sorely missed, Ty. Much love for you and your family. Thinking of you today and everyday. God Bless.
 9/10/2002  Cameron Faircloth  I knew you from afar and knew the company you kept. Through my younger eyes, I saw someone with a smile and a heart who knew how to enjoy the blessings of life and to share that with others. I pray for your family and those close that they find what they need to navigate through this confusing and heartbreaking time. May your enduring friendship and influence be a testament to your vitality as a person and dedication as a friend in this life and beyond.
 9/10/2002  Chris Bodnar  Hey Ty, One year has gone by now, but you haven't been forgotten and you never will be. I hope that one day when we meet again in Heaven we can play one more game of Home Run Derby. You can bat first.
 9/10/2002  Christa  My name is Christa, I am 22 and live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although I did not know Tyler my heart goes out to his family and friends. After reading about him and his life it is so sad to realize the world lost such a wonderful person, but let us take comfort in knowing that God gained a beautiful angel. I recently purchased a mercy band with Tyler's name on it and continue to pray for his friends and family everyday. Let us not forget the Lord is with us always even to the end of the earth. Christa Customer Service New Mexico
 9/10/2002  Denise C. Hernandez  My heart, thoughts, sympathies and prayers are with you, your family, and friends. I wish I had known you personally, and feel I've come to know what a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring individual you were and will always be through a very dear friend of yours. A racehorse has been named Tiger Style in your honor.
 9/10/2002  Leslie "tiger" Fitzpatrick  Well we are on the eve of that day. One year later, yet the scars don't seem to go away. It's hard, but I know you are in a better place. One day we will join you Ty. And you better be ready, because the soccer boys ain't no joke. You know we are coming with our run and gun play up and down the court against you, Zach, Krug, Merles, and which ever other ringers you can pull from the b-ball team to take us on. Matt Hill, Emeka, and Leo say what's up. We are all thinking of you. Make sure to keep looking over us till that day when we can join you. We love you Ty. Ti
 9/10/2002  Zachary Schiller  Respect, Love and Admiration.
 9/9/2002  fgamel  Ty, I have tried so many, many times to send you a note just to tell you how empty our hearts are that you are not with us. Even though we miss that beautiful smile of yours I know it has captured the hearts of everybody up there with you. I believe that Angels breath and love will live on and never leave. A breath away is not far to where you are and I know you are watching over us from up above. We love and miss you terribly. P.S. I know the meaning behind the dragonfly and I thank you!
 9/9/2002  Mike  You inspired many, and continue to inspire me to this day. You are never far from my thoughts, and someone I will aspire to emulate for the rest of my life. Miss you man.
 9/6/2002  Kim Gold  I have been looking at this page for some sort of comfort for months. I miss Tyler daily, and lately it has been impossible to avoid the sadness. Being in New York, one year later, and I still am not healed. The messages here are inspirational and comforting. All the best to the Ugolyns.
 8/27/2002  Ron O'Brien  you were great at everything you did in your life, especially at being the angel on my left shoulder. as friends we were unstoppable, and all the times we fought it ended up my fault. As Best Friends we were two souls with one heart,Size and Styles 4ever. untill were riding around together in that typhoon in the sky,listening to I wanna be on tidop, on our way to lift the guns- I'll promise to defend your honor down here. Tyler.Victory.Ugolyn #34 tattoo'd for life dont ever forget me. ps your dog still barks at me
 8/23/2002  Peter Schweitzer  I shared an office with Tyler when he interned with Gabelli Asset Managment. He was a great person!
 8/8/2002  Caitlin Nash  How stange this year has been. From Fatima to Colmbia, who would have tought. I remember Tyler's smile and laugh, walking in Ridgefield, You, Mk Phil, and me. Such a simple time and great memories. You are truely missed and remembered everyday. My love to TY and to his family...
 8/8/2002  Shannon McDonald  You will always be remembered as a kind and generous person. Thank you for being you.
 8/7/2002  Lynnsey Eakin  This is my second entry and one of many visits to this page. Today my message is short. Happy Birthday Ty August 7, 2002
 7/18/2002  Stephanie Augurt  I don't know what to say except for we love you, Tyler. We miss you and you will remain in our hearts forever.
 7/16/2002  Michelle Grzan  TY, sweetie, I miss you more each and every day. Our lives will forever be incomplete without you here. You are an incredible, wonderful and loving person who had so much to offer to the world. I know that you are smiling down on us from heaven and will guide us through lifeís many journeys until we meet again. I will cherish the memories Ė your laugh, your booooos, and everything in between. You are always be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Michelle
 6/5/2002  Amy Baskin  Tyler, my family and I think of you often. I imagine that you're having a great time on the other side, and that maybe you've even run across a heavenly equivalent of a souped-up Typhoon that you can run around and explore in. We wish you and your parents and brother peace.
 5/30/2002  Pardo  Never had I ever met anyone as deserving of a great life as you. You are and always will be an inspiration to me and many others. Not a bad bone in your body I will always remember you for that great person that you were.Love always your buddy Nick
 5/17/2002  Auntie Jeannette  Ty, We see you each day, in so many of the things around us, for you enjoyed so much. Our prayers are with you as always.
 5/13/2002  Matthew McGovern  I have never met Tyler, but based on what I have learned since the tragic date of the terrorist attacks, I am sure that his legacy will continue to brighten the world.
 5/9/2002  ARTHUR RUFFIN  Tyler and I played basketball together at Columbia and he was not only my partner at practice, but he was my best friends off the court. I have pictures of him on my walls at work as a constant reminder, but I'll still never forget him because he's has a place in my heart and I'll never forget that smile...
 5/9/2002  Jason Streem  I didn't know you that well, but you and I had at least one thing in common...we were Columbia athletes. Maybe we weren't the stars we'd hoped but we worked our asses off during our time and loved every moment. I always saw you around campus while I, being the quiet type, walked in Radley's big shadow. We never talked that much but I knew how you and Sterling were such good friends. She always told me about you. She still does. I remember the last time I saw you too. It was before your senior ball on the NE corner of 114th and Bway. A whole bunch of people were all taking pictures of each other before getting into cabs to go to Chelsea piers for the ball. From reading what many have said and being at Columbia when you were I feel that I do know you...and I will miss you. You are champ Ty. We all will miss you.
 5/3/2002  dd  sept. 11th tore at my faith in humanity...remembering the lives of the victims restores it...Tyler, you are an inspiration...your memory lives on & you've enriched the lives of everyone you've encountered...thank you
 4/9/2002  Lorraine Fontaine  Tylor never got to meet you , but I heard alot about you. From your Grandmother.She was so very proud of you, as was your parents and your brother.I know you are watching over them to. You are in Gods care now. Diane and Victor hope all is well, my thoughts are with you always.I am so very sorry for your lost and you are all in my prayer's. Love Auntie Lorraine
 4/3/2002  jumbo  There is so much i would like to say but the bottom line is,there is not a day goes by that I do not think about you brother. I am saddened by the thought of future memories without you but then I remember that you are and will always be with me. Jumbo
 3/31/2002  Tim  Just want you to know that I'll never forget you. I just started my dream job - equity research at Prudential, just a few blocks from ground zero. I know you would have been very successful in the field, and I wish we could have been colleagues. I dedicate all the hard work that I'm doing to you.
 3/24/2002  Jeff Lauretti  My thoughts are with him everyday!!
 3/17/2002  MK LaRosa  Hey Ty - As i look at your picture every day i remember the days at Fatima...when "the couples" (Caitlin and you, Phil and I) would get in trouble every recess for holding hands...memories are forever...you will always be in my heart....i miss ya buddy
 3/11/2002  Kristina Napolitano  Memories of your laugh and smile are in my heart forever.... I remember meeting you freshman year, countless nights at the West End and Tom's---taking me to my first mass at st. pauls..i only went a few times, yet each time i did go, you were there with that ty smile of yours; sophomore year, nacho mamas...i remember kdr... I remember being amazed by you junior year in Sethi's class, it just came so natural to you, somehow figuring out the cap M and betas and what not of an investment portfolio were easy for you; yet you were always in class, on time...without your help i never would've passed. My last memory of you was right before graduation at Jesse and Jorges... Ty, you'll always be in my heart.
 1/22/2002  Lama Kanazeh  TyyyUgolyn, my corrupter, I still have the tally going for our hysterical game of "categorize". Thank you for adding so many laughs. I know you're in a better place reunited with all those you loved and lost, but you are never far from my thoughts. "Babe, T-17 of Physics and I'm out", (twitch). You were always so distinct in everything you did. Wait for me, I'll be seeing you again. I'd better - we have a game to finish. And for the record, yes, you'd even have "Tygerstyle" in Jordan.
 1/10/2002  Ryan Cassidy  While you have left this earth, the memories of you will always remain in my heart. The memory of you and your kindnes, strength and love will always be an inspiration to me. You will never be forgotten.
 12/29/2001  Anne and Chris Cassels  Dear Diane, Victor and Trevor, You are in our thoughts regularly. We can offer no answers, only our prayers and love. Your trust in God will provide all the answers and your ultimate peace.
 12/18/2001  Jennifer Keeney  Ty, I hope you can see how much people love you and miss you. Thanks for showing us all how important it is to love life, reach out to people, and make the most of each day. Youíre an inspiration and weíll remember you always.
 12/10/2001  Kat Reznikova  I didn't think that I would be able to check out this website or write a message, but once I started reading all the others, I just could not help myself. I have only known Tyler a short time in the scheme of things but it feels like longer, maybe it is because we ended up hanging out together a lot because of Kat and him and me and Krug going out together. I also, got to know him a lot more this summer which was very interesting- let me tell you Ty and Krug bickered like girls- but what's a little bickering between friends. I am thankful for getting to know Tyler and him being a part of my life. He was something special and loved my so many- I cannot even count. I really wanted to make this brief but somehow there is just so much being left unsaid. To the Ugolyn's and Trev, I thank you for welcoming us into your house and your lives. And on this note it is about time I finish, We miss you Ty.
 12/10/2001  Katie Campion  I miss you each and every day. Right about now we would be studying for winter finals which was never as fun as spring finals when we pretended to study outside but were really worried about our tans! You are one of my best friends and I will never forget you. Love always and forever, -Katie (little girl)
 12/10/2001  Violet Durollari  I didn't meet Ty until the spring semester of last year, but considering what an amazing personality he had, I couldn't help but fall in love with the kid. Many people have already posted that they felt they had known him forever, and I guess I'm no different. Considering what beautiful people his family and friends were, it makes sense that the guy turned out to be so incredible. Ty, you're in our thoughts and prayers, and we miss you more than you can know. My love to the Ugolyns.
 12/6/2001  Jeff Pearlman  I wrote the story on Ty for Sports Illustrated. In the course of research, I was able to speak with many of his family and friends. He was very lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive, loving people. Although I was never fortunate enough to meet Ty, it sounds like he lived a life that, in spirit and energy and passion, went way beyond his years. One day, if I am lucky enough to have kids, I'll show them the Tyler Ugolyn story and use it as Exhibit A on the importance of appreciating life and living for the day. I didn't know Tyler, but I miss him.
 11/20/2001  Jordana Goldstein  I check his website as frequently as I can. I read the messages people write to you and it is so unbelievable how much you are loved. Ty, we were never what one would call friends. We had maybe a handful of conversations over the course of our time knowing each other, but I need to say that I always saw something special in you. It makes me sad to think that we were never friends because from what I have heard, read, and even saw of you I want to get to know you more. But what brings me some peace of mind is that one day every single one of us will join you where you are right now. Hopefully at that time I will get to know you better on a level that is not at RHS basketball games, RHS hallways during period switch, Sports Illustrated, or your website. That is one reason why I don't fear death sometimes. You're in a much better place then the rest of us. You deserve that happiness. I will always admire you, even from afar like in high school. I can't wait for the day when I can finally get to see you, speak to you, and get to know you. I'm sure my admiration for you will multiply. Like I said before you're always loved, never forgotten, and our meeting is much anticipated.
 11/14/2001  Allison Stadnick  Ty, You are such a GREAT guy and you always made me laugh. You are greatly missed. My prayers are with you and your family.
 11/14/2001  Dean L. Overman  Tyler, I know you through your father; you are both great men who give meaning to many lives in this world.
 11/14/2001  Vanessa Scotto  I never knew you , but anyone that Kat could love as much as she loves you has to be an amazing person. You will surely be missed.
 11/11/2001  james gallant  I read the article in Sports Illustrated awhile back. Somehow I have not been able to get it out of my mind whenever I think of the tragedy of Septermber 11. Maybe it's because I love basketball and have a soft spot for gritty players who don't get much pt but love the game---I don't know.It weas really much more than that. The story summed up a wonderful human being in every way whose life was sosenselessly taken away--the tragedy of the towers is here with Tyler. His promise and life and spirit, like that of all the victims that day, has touched me and others and will remain with us forever. God bless and keep you, peace to those you left behind....JGallant
 11/8/2001  Bill Brunner  I am sorry I came upon this page through someone's AIM away message, because if it were made public, I have no doubt there would be many more entries here. Ty, we met freshman year on Carman 6. Even though we never chilled on a consistant basis, we always seemed to end up in the same places. Whether on the floor freshman year, Cannons, or more recently in Cancun and A.C., I enjoyed your company to the fullest. I apologize for not making it to your service, but funerals for close friends were never easy in the past, and you are no exception. My only regret is that I did not get a chance to know you better, because in the short time I did, I enjoyed every minute. Hope you are still flexing those biceps in the big gym upstairs. Miss you.
 11/8/2001  Zina Kamal  you guys are awesome! i love b-ball!!!
 10/23/2001  Steve and Marsha Davis  It was a privilege to know you and to know what a special person you were. We will always remember the basketball days at RHS. Your are a special angel watching over us all now. May you Rest in Peace.
 10/22/2001  Lynnsey Eakin  TY, You are so loved and so missed. You are a patient angel who earned his wings long before ascending to Heaven. You will remain in our hearts, minds, souls and ambitions forever, just as always. I know you probably never knew just how many lives you touched with your honorable grace and kindness. You now know. Your strength will never fail us and we will never fail you. And by the way, you will always be my favorite pool partner and I still need plenty of pointers! Love forever, Lynnsey Eakin
 10/21/2001  James Burke  I never met Ty, I've never even been to the East Coast, but since reading the beautiful tribute to him in Sports Illustrated, I can't stop thinking about him and the staggering loss that his friends and family are feeling. Please know that I mourn the untimely passing of an exceptional young man, and that I am truly sorry for your loss.
 10/16/2001  Kelly Barnard  Ty, I will miss you with all my heart and will cherish the fun times at Silver Spring with Golf, tennis, and swimming. I will also cherish the great pointers you have given me in basketball and the playing at camps and school we did together. You were truly a remarkable person and I know you are watching over all of us as a wonderful beautiful angel.
 10/16/2001  Lindsay Lupinacci  Words can not say how much you mean to us. You touched every one in a way that can not be replacable. You always were an angel, but now you have wings and can fly. I love you always.
 10/7/2001  Kristy Pribanic  You will always hold a special place in my heart. I'll never forget how you touched so many people with your smile and laughter. May you rest in peace with God.
 10/6/2001  Marynia  Tyler, I am so proud of your accomplishments and so proud you are my family! Cousins (not only Grandmothers) have bragging rights! I HAD to show the family photos of Uncle Walter & Cioci Helen's 50th wedding anniversary to my friends. So, I introduced you to a "few" people. You are in many hearts, my dear cousin.
 10/5/2001  taegen  ty- what a man. i am glad so many were able to be touched by your spirit and soul. among us, your smile and laugh will be forever. peace be with you, always.
 10/3/2001  Trevor Ugolyn  T.Y. your my best friend in the world, I will never care for anyone as much as I care for you bro. Hope your visiting this site often and reading the notes. You'll always be with me and leading my way through life. "Those who live in the Lord never see each other for the last time" and now "the kingdom, the power, and the glory is yours... forever" Just what you wanted Love ya kid. The floor in spanish.
 10/2/2001  Kat Griffith  Tygggr. Sweety, I could write a novel, but you already know what it would say. There are two things I could never say enough though: Thank You and I love You.
 10/1/2001  Brad Blosat  You will forever be in my heart. Your warmth, strength and love will always guide me through anything. There will never be a day that I will forget you, and I know you are smiling down on us all looking out for us. Everytime the sun shines, there is a piece of you shining with it. Forever love.
 9/27/2001  Kirk  You may have left this earth, but you are alive and well in my heart. Thinking about you everday will help me to do the right thing.
 9/27/2001  L. Schmiedel  You were an inspiration to many. I'll never look at the skyline without thinking of you.
 9/26/2001  stu  Brothers forever.I know you'll always be there looking out for me. You'll never be forgotten
 9/24/2001  George & Jeannette Lauretti  "To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die." We have our memories to keep you near.
 9/24/2001  Jordana Goldstein  Its heartwarming to know that you are in the heavens looking down on and protecting us all. You're truly an inspiration and will always hold a very special place in my heart. Always loved, never forgotten!!
 9/21/2001  Mike Principi  You have been and will always remain a role model to myself and to many others. You are in the hearts of many and you will always hold a place in mine.


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